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Dr. Martha

Superintendent of Schools
Tomball ISD

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Tomball ISD knows that it serves as a corner stone of our community’s development, value, and identity. We take seriously the responsibility of stewardship over the community’s investment in the educational programs and facilities which our children experience during the most formative years of their lives. We proudly set an ambitious vision for those children: “Tomball ISD students will LEAD in creating the future!”

In order to realize that vision of leadership, the Tomball ISD Board of Trustees adopted a series of goals for the district to meet that set high standards for the curriculum, staff, climate, post-secondary readiness, financial wellbeing, and the relationship with the community. Every five years, the district revisits those goals and meets with a variety of stakeholders to develop a Strategic Plan through which those goals can be reached. Our shared vision of the future is at the core of the “Destination” mindset which now defines the Tomball ISD Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan, drives the District’s initiatives and serves as a framework for rigorous expectations, shared decision making, and responsible resource allocation. With the commitment of the Board, I look forward with great excitement to the implementation of the Tomball ISD Destination 2025 Strategic Plan and the many benefits it will bestow on our community, schools, students, and staff.


Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora

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Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora

Superintendent of Schools – Tomball ISD

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Priority One

future-ready learners

Lead in holistic student development, measured by graduation, academic achievement, student wellness and post-graduation success.

GOAL 1.1

Tomball ISD will leverage student passion and interest.

Strategy 1.1.1

Provide early exposure to educational opportunities and/or programs of study available for students.

Strategy 1.1.2

Create clear pathways in CTE, Fine Arts, and other course sequence choices.

Strategy 1.1.3

Create a marketing campaign and communication plan for diverse opportunities for TISD students.

Strategy 1.1.4

Create and administer an interest and feedback survey for TISD students in regards to course options.

Strategy 1.1.5

Create and administer a post-graduate feedback survey in regards to course options.


GOAL 1.2

Tomball ISD will complete a workforce analysis.

Strategy 1.2.1

Determine community workforce and then establish, enhance, and create new current business partnerships.

Strategy 1.2.2

Study workforce trends and meet with Tomball Economic Development to establish needs for current workforce.

Strategy 1.2.3

Increase partnerships with university and industry partners to provide additional opportunities for students.

GOAL 1.3

Tomball ISD will expand current course and certification offerings.

Strategy 1.3.1

Increase certification opportunities for learners that are aligned with College, Career and Military Readiness standards.

Strategy 1.3.2

Increase post-secondary learning opportunities while concurrently enrolled in TISD.

Strategy 1.3.3

Explore the potential of implementing the International Baccalaureate Program in the district.

Priority Two

responsive and personalized learning

Foster systems that empower teachers to design high quality instruction to authentically enhance student learning.

GOAL 2.1

Tomball ISD will transform teachers' roles to instructional designers.

Strategy 2.1.1

Provide dedicated time for teachers to collaborate and design learning.

Strategy 2.1.2

Modify master schedules to allow for embedded time to collaborate with teams focused on designing learning for all students.

Strategy 2.1.3

Design opportunities for learning through the inquiry process.

Strategy 2.1.4

Implement a systemic approach to formalized professional learning focused on Professional Learning Communities.

Strategy 2.1.5

Continuously maintain and enhance the district curriculum to be in line with standards and college, career, and military readiness.

GOAL 2.2

Tomball ISD will customize pathways to learning.

Strategy 2.2.1

Research the implementation of flexible scheduling.

virtual learning
Priority 3

development and support of the whole child

Champion a school culture that embraces individuals and their individual needs.

GOAL 3.1

Tomball ISD will create a culture that provides learners the opportunities to engage and work in a safe, inclusive, and responsive environment.

Strategy 3.1.1

Complete consensus building to create a common vocabulary associated with social and emotional learning.

Strategy 3.1.2

Develop, communicate and evaluate a comprehensive inventory of all practices occurring across the district regarding learner health and wellness.

Strategy 3.1.3

Establish public and private partnerships related to learner health and wellness.

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GOAL 3.2

Tomball ISD will prioritize educator health through coordinated campaigns of stress reduction, anxiety management and physical health.

Strategy 3.2.1

Develop, expand, and communicate health and wellness practices

GOAL 3.3

Tomball ISD will establish a social and emotional learning curriculum for college, career, and military readiness.

Strategy 3.3.1

Implement Great Expectations at all K-6 campuses and character development programs at all 7-12 campuses.

Strategy 3.3.2

Connect Great Expectations and character development programs to learning outcomes and behavioral health.

Priority Four

Technology and Digital Learning

Demonstrate inclusive excellence by advancing when and where learning takes place.

GOAL 4.1

Tomball ISD will integrate technology in academic experiences that prepares learners to be successful in a global society.

Strategy 4.1.1

Design learning experiences which seamlessly integrate technology into the curriculum.

Strategy 4.1.2

Develop blended learning experiences to support anytime, anywhere learning targeted to student strength and need.

Strategy 4.1.3

Provide a network service for digitally created student portfolios that will follow the learners throughout their schooling.

GOAL 4.2

Tomball ISD will invest in staff to facilitate digital learning.

Strategy 4.2.1

Identify and advocate for athletic department participation in existing campus efforts.

Strategy 4.2.2

Develop a comprehensive professional development plan for in person and on-line learning to enable educators to facilitate learners’ use of technology.

Computer Aided Drafting students at computer

GOAL 4.3

Tomball ISD will provide infrastructure to support digital instruction and learning.

Strategy 4.3.1

Analyze current system for upgrades and effective support.

Strategy 4.3.2

Investigate workforce, vendors, and leasing options for most appropriate technology use of technology to become a multi-platform district.

GOAL 4.4

Tomball ISD will create a digital dashboard to meet district educational needs.

Strategy 4.4.1

Conduct an inventory of needs and generate ideas to establish dashboard criteria.

Strategy 4.4.2

Investigate dashboard resources and work with vendors and TISD staff to develop unique dashboard matched to established needs.

Priority Five

family and community alliance

Create a culture of community engagement through meaningful relationships

GOAL 5.1

Tomball ISD will Improve Community Engagement.

Strategy 5.1.1

Engage citizens for legislative advocacy so that local government reflects district’s values and aspirations.

Strategy 5.1.2

Increase community-based partnership to support inquiry-based learning.

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GOAL 5.2

Tomball ISD will build relationships to empower families.

Strategy 5.2.1

Promote program awareness for family learning.

Strategy 5.2.2

Create parents as partners by offering training for major initiatives.

Priority Six

quality staffing and professional learning

Innovatively recruit, retain, and develop staff members.

GOAL 6.1

Tomball ISD will develop and implement a comprehensive recruiting plan with multiple sourcing strategies to obtain and retain high quality staff for all areas.

Strategy 6.1.1

Investigate and implement innovative hiring practices.

Strategy 6.1.2

Develop an intentional staff selection process.

Strategy 6.1.3

Maximize opportunities for applicant pool development.

GOAL 6.2

Tomball ISD will leverage just in time, targeted professional learning to maximize learner performance.

Strategy 6.2.1

Develop and implement a prescriptive 1-3-year induction program for professional staff.

Strategy 6.2.2

Develop and implement a prescriptive 1-3-year induction program for administrative staff.

Strategy 6.2.3

Develop and implement a 1-year program for support staff.

Strategy 6.2.4

Deepen the development and implementation of the Teacher/Leader Program.

Strategy 6.2.5

Strengthen the capacity of educators as instructional coaches.

Priority Seven

finance and facilities

Efficiently and Effectively maximize resources in a Fast-Growth District.

GOAL 7.1

Tomball ISD will Reduce long-term cost of school facilities and assets by designing and building high performance, sustainable facilities as growth indicates need.

Strategy 7.1.1

Consider the cost savings associated with changes in grade configuration, the timing of such changes and the need for additional facilities.

Grand Oaks Elementary Entry

GOAL 7.2

Tomball ISD will investigate and implement safety and security enhancements to district facilities and protocols.

Strategy 7.2.1

Consider needed enhancements to address student and employee safety.

Priority Eight

communications and marketing

To proactively improve Tomball ISD's message and Destination Excellence brand through collaborative communication efforts while distributing information, enhancing digital realms, and educating our audiences about our students, staff and district achievements, events, and initiatives.

GOAL 8.1

Tomball ISD will partner with families and community stakeholders through a comprehensive approach to communication and marketing.

Strategy 8.1.1

Create a communications framework with resources to build knowledge and skills for all stakeholders.

Strategy 8.1.2

Use multiple communication tools to reach a broader community audience.


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Executive Leadership Team 2021-2022


Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Amy Schindewolf Chief of Staff and School Leadership
Dr. Michael Webb Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Steven Gutierrez Chief Operations Officer
Jim Ross Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Mindy Muñoz Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools
Dr. George Flores Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools
Dr. Lee Wright Assistant Superintendent of Strategic Innovation
Mark White Assistant Superintendent of Accountability & Governmental Relations
Zach Boles Assistant Superintendent of Finance



Future-ready Learners

Dr. Mindy Muñoz Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools
Karla Sandoval Director of Career & Technical Education



Responsive and Personalized Learning

Dr. Lee Wright Assistant Superintendent of Strategic Innovation



Social, Emotional, and Safety Welfare of the Whole Child

Dr. Michael Webb Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Lee Wright Assistant Superintendent of Strategic Innovation



Technology and Digital Learning

Dianne Tidwell Director of Digital Learning
James Watson Director of Technology
Mark White Assistant Superintendent of Accounability & Governmental Relations



Family and Community Alliance

Xochitl Salazar Director of Federal Programs & Parent Engagement
Mark White Assistant Superintendent of Accounability & Governmental Relations



Quality Staffing and Professional Learning

Dr. Alicia Reeves Human Talent Officer



Finance and Facilities

Jim Ross Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Steven Gutierrez Chief Operating Officer



Communication and Marketing

Allison Suarez Director of Communications & Marketing
Justin Warnasch Director of Digital Communications