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Tomball Event Center

Fine Arts Groups

All bands, dance teams and cheerleaders should park their buses on the south side in the designated bus parking areas. Band, dance teams and cheerleaders should enter the stadium through the tunnels on the SE/SW gate entrance.
Band and dance team sections in the stadiums are marked by the appropriate signage.
Band and dance team directors and chaperones must wear identifying badges, enter with their groups and sit in sections reserved for them. All bus drivers should also wear identification badges.
Each school will be allowed a total of fourteen (14) minutes for the half-time performances.
Band/Dance team wishes to perform after a game, include this in your pre-season special event information.
The field is covered with an artificial surface. Pointed objects or objects with sharp or uneven edges are prohibited on the field. This includes any props used by a band or drill team. Sidelines are to be kept free of any type of equipment that might injure an athlete as they go out of bounds.
Arrangement for half-time refreshments is the responsibility of each group. Empty cans and bottles must be removed by the group responsible.
Parking Monitors will assist each school in parking all buses and equipment vehicles. Please refer to the stadium map for dropping off and parking locations.