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Tomball Independent School District

Alumni Spotlight: Susan Cline (THS, '81)

Susan Cline

SUSAN CLINE, Tomball High School, 1981

A successful community with high-quality education brings value, brings new families, and brings a welcoming spirit like no other. Real estate professionals are oftentimes the first to meet and greet new families to town and sell prospective buyers on living in a successful community.

For Susan Cline, selling homes in Tomball ISD as a veteran real estate professional, has been quite rewarding not only because of the success of this small-town community, but because she has called Tomball home since 1974.

She is a champion for this community and a 1981 graduate of Tomball High School. Cline has found value in giving back to her community as well as sharing her knowledge with clients about what makes Tomball a wonderful place to live.

Cline attended a small Catholic school in Spring Branch before her family moved to Tomball. Once they moved into town, she then attended Tomball ISD’s Cherry Street Intermediate, Tomball Junior High, and Tomball High School. Her active lifestyle began in grade school as she was a member of the marching band, drill team, choir and participated in the Miss Tomball Pageant.

Once graduated, Cline initially worked for her dad in the printing industry, then for other businesses that supported printing before running a Mailboxes Etc. franchise for a few years. After marrying her husband and having kids, Cline took a professional career break and stayed home with her kids before pursuing real estate.

“When we got down to two pretty self-sufficient kids at home, I decided to go into real estate and have been doing that successfully for 15 years,” she said.

Cline currently serves as a top real estate agent with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene - Champions, and has been a part of that team for the last five years. She has been recognized for being in the Top 2% of realtors in the MLS for the last several years. 

Known for her ability to share intimate knowledge of her community, Cline understands the importance of familiarity when families are moving into the area. 

“Knowing your community is VERY important,” she said. “Clients count on us to guide them, especially when they may be relocating to a new city/state/country for their job. Intimate knowledge of the area you’re selling in is imperative.”

Cline’s love for Tomball extends into her conversations with clients as she is selling the community on its success. 

“I tell them we’re the highest rated district in the Greater Houston area,”  I also tell them about our administrators and school board, and that all those individuals have the students’ best interests at heart. I also share that my three children all had their needs met in the district even though they are three different types of students. And lastly, I tell them they’ll love the friendly people in the area, and the fantastic restaurants.”

Cline truly values community spirit and giving back. As a native Tomball resident, she has been able to use her knowledge and her visible platform as a real estate agent, to help out in many ways over the years.

“I truly enjoy giving back,” Cline said. “Being involved keeps me plugged into what’s happening in the community.” 

Cline currently extends her generosity across several community organizations, including serving as a Past-President and Founding Member of the Tomball Education Foundation. 

When asked what made her join TEF as a founding member, she was quick to jump on board knowing it was supporting education in her hometown.

“Dr. Salazar-Zamora was so passionate about it,” she said. “And once she told me about it, I couldn’t believe we didn’t already have a Foundation. It seemed like a no-brainer! I knew the people of Tomball would support it 100%. It’s not a hard sell to ask someone to donate money that goes directly to the teachers to ultimately help the students.”

Along with serving on the Tomball Education Foundation and handing out grants each year to deserving teachers, you can find Cline volunteering, running, singing, and taking part in her local church activities - all while balancing life as a top real estate agent in town. 

“I sing in the Texas Master Chorale,” she said. “I’m a new member of the Yellow Rose Republican Women’s group. I volunteer at my church and take communion to nursing home residents and I’m also a member of a running group.”

Married for over 38 years to husband Bill, the couple has three children, all TISD graduates, Matthew (THS ‘04), Julia (THS ‘13) and Jennifer (TMHS ‘17). 

Cline’s connection to Tomball is essential when it comes to her professional career and why she continues to serve and support the community in which raised and supported herself and her children. 

“Tomball has been a great place to raise my family. I’ll always help any way I can.”

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