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Tomball Independent School District

Dr. Nicolet Finger (THS, '12)

Dr. Nicolet Finger

Tomball High School, 2012
Resident Physician

She believes in helping others and has turned her passion into a career.

Dr. Nicolet Finger is a proud 2012 graduate of Tomball High School and currently serves as a resident physician, specializing in the field of Physiatry, also known as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Nicolet moved to Tomball in 2006 at the age of 12 and attended Tomball Junior High and Tomball High School. 

“I still remember my first day of 7th grade orientation at TJHS. I met one of my best friends to this day while setting up my junior high locker,” she recalls.

Growing up as a teacher’s kid, Nicolet found the experience to be quite rewarding. 

“My mother was, and still is, a teacher at Tomball High School,” she said. “I kept my lunch in her classroom and stopped by to see her every day to grab it before lunch. Maybe some people wouldn’t like having a parent working at their high school, but I loved it! I feel lucky that I recognized in real-time that I was in ‘the good ole’ days’ and really took in those moments.”

Nicolet truly embraced her high school experience. She was on the Cougar Charms Drill Team and involved in HOSA.

“Being involved in HOSA led me to pursue my career as a physician and being on the Cougar Charms Drill Team taught me to prioritize my physical and mental health even with a busy schedule. I also met life-long friends who I still enjoy life with.”

Nicolet went on to attend the University of Texas and majored in Nutritional Science.

“I decided to attend UT Austin because I wanted the big-campus college experience,” she said. “UT Austin has so many resources, from research opportunities and career preparation services to loud football games and Texas pride. I wanted to immerse myself in my studies and extracurriculars. Looking back, I know I made the right choice for me.”

After receiving her degree from UT Austin in 2016, Nicolet attended medical school at UNT Health Science Center (Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine) where she eventually found her career path, her purpose as a physician all while meeting her husband. 

“Medical school was rough. I won’t even try and sugar coat that,” she said. “But every struggle to get to where I am now was worth it. The cherry on top is that I met my husband in medical school. He is now an Internal Medicine physician, and more importantly, the most wonderful partner in life.”

Her love for being a physician is evident and she is making an immediate impact on those she serves daily. 

“The field of Physiatry is a hidden gem. I did not know it existed when I began medical school, and I came to learn about it (and fall in love with it) during my third year of medical school,” Nicolet said.

Physiatrists help improve people’s function and thus improve their quality of life. Nicolet helps treat and help rehabilitate patients after they have suffered spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, strokes, heart attacks, amputations, and so much more. 

“I love being a physician! I get to connect with people in their most vulnerable moments and that is a beautiful thing. Giving these people real hope after they’ve gone through such huge life changes is what inspired me to this field,” she said.

Even though Nicolet doesn’t call Tomball home currently, she visits as much as she can.

“My parents and sisters still live in Tomball, so my husband and I are often in town.”

For Nicolet, Tomball still holds a special place in her heart and attributes much of her success and career decisions to her time in Tomball.

“I absolutely loved my high school experience and can honestly say that my years at Tomball High School shaped me into who I am today. Tomball still holds on to that small-town feel while also having everything you could need or want within a short drive and it is also such a wonderful place to raise a family.”


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