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Tomball Independent School District

Alumni Spotlight: Aaron Plumlee, J.D. (THS, '00)

Aaron Plumlee, J.D. is a lifelong resident of Tomball and a 2000 graduate of Tomball High School. He currently serves the community as a real estate expert, specializing as an agent, appraiser and attorney.

Aaron Plumlee, J.D.

Real Estate Expert - Realtor, Residential Appraiser, Attorney

He is community connected and takes pride in his work. Committed to providing his clients the best possible experience in real estate, Aaron Plumlee, J.D. understands the value of personal connection and a homegrown approach.

Plumlee is a 2000 graduate of Tomball High School and is currently a real estate agent and residential appraiser but also brings extensive experience as an attorney to his career.

Born and raised in Tomball, Texas, Plumlee attended Lakewood Elementary, Tomball Intermediate, Tomball Junior High and THS. 

“My experience in Tomball ISD and the schools I attended was nothing but positive,” he said. “I have fond memories of my time in Tomball schools, and have lifelong friendships with other Tomball alumni that I made along the way.”

As a young boy, Plumlee was always interested in sports, and took that interest into high school, competing on multiple sports teams. While a THS Cougar, he played baseball, football, basketball and golf. In fact, he finished second individually in District his junior year and was the first member of the Cougars Golf Team to advance to a Regional in school history.

“There’s not a day of my life that goes by where I don’t interact with sports in some way.”

After graduating from THS, Plumlee chose to attend the University of Texas at Austin.

“UT was always my dream school as it offered the best of both worlds with its prestige academically, as well as in its athletic programs,” he said. “I still wanted to live somewhat close to home here in Tomball so that I could travel back and see my parents from time to time.”

While a Realtor now, that was not Plumlee’s original career choice. In college, he considered medical school but quickly decided he wanted to be an attorney after he progressed through his college classes.

“The law (and law enforcement) always fascinated me growing up, and still does,” Plumlee said. “To this day, I’m passionate and have a keen interest when legal issues arise in my real estate career, the news, or otherwise in our everyday lives.”

Plumlee graduated from UT in 2004 and went on to attend law school at the University of Tulsa where he graduated in 2008. From there, he returned home, passed the bar exam and practiced law for the next eight years.

He moved into real estate in 2016.

“I had accomplished my goals as a lawyer and the opportunity was absolutely ideal to move into real estate,” he recalls. 

Plumlee first became a certified residential appraiser then transitioned into a Realtor. In his current role, Plumlee brings a unique 3-prong approach to real estate.

“The skill set and service I provide as a Realtor includes my licensing and background as an attorney and residential appraiser. These skills have been directly applicable and beneficial to my real estate clients.”

Coining himself the “The AAA agent” with representation as an agent, appraiser and attorney, Plumlee brings licensing and experience in all three areas.

Through persistence and a passion for serving others, he finds the value in growing his own business, but understands hard work is an absolute must when it comes to success.

“The most satisfying part of my job is helping others accomplish their housing goals and dreams as though they were my own. That requires being the problem solver they need to get those goals accomplished. Reaching the finish line of each deal and seeing my clients happy and thankful for my diligence is one of my favorite parts of this job.”

Plumlee takes pride in his hometown and marketing the area but has experience and expertise in covering all of Greater Houston.

“I absolutely service Tomball in my coverage for my real estate clients,” he said. “In fact, my background as a residential appraiser requires that I be an expert of each individual market that exists throughout Greater Houston.”

As a native of Tomball, Plumlee has been continuously immersed in the growth and development of the area and continues to navigate the change in his professional career.

“Initially, I would say I was reluctant to embrace the growth that continued to happen here in the Tomball/Houston area,” he said. “However, I like the quick access to new restaurants and other businesses that supply products we all use, as well as the convenience of having 99 and other expanded roads. I’ll always be nostalgic as to the smaller vibe that Tomball was growing up, but the growth we’ve had here is appreciated. Tomball seems to have retained its small town feel, which I like.”

When considering both his businesses as a Realtor and residential appraiser, Plumlee found the value in a work-life balance.

“One of the perks is the freedom that comes with self-employment. I have the opportunity to create a schedule that works for my family life as well as my professional life.”

As a Realtor, Plumlee had the knowledge and expertise of all areas in the Greater Houston area, and when it was time to settle down after marrying his wife Cody in 2011 and having their first child in 2013, he knew that education, culture, and safety were top priorities for his growing family.

“We immediately knew Tomball was the place we wanted to be, and where our kids would receive the same high quality of education I had. It's where we wanted them to grow up. Tomball is a special place to me because it is home. The area has always been clean, safe, full of wonderful people, and has endless options for whatever activities one desires.”

His parents still call the area home, and his mother served Tomball ISD as a second grade teacher at Lakewood Elementary for over 20 years. Plumlee’s sister, also a successful graduate of Tomball High School in 1994 and runner-up for Miss Tomball, also attended the University of Texas at Austin before pursuing a law degree from Notre Dame. She now lives in Austin as an in-house attorney for a Fortune 500 company.

Plumlee’s wife Cody is an educator who has dedicated years to serving students in Tomball ISD as a substitute and full-time teacher. The couple shares two daughters who attend OIS and GOES.

For Plumlee, life has come full circle, and now leading the real estate profession, he is committed to providing his clients with a seamless and stress-free experience

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