A Message from Dr. Z

Patriotic Show
As we draw to an end one of the most challenging school years we have ever experienced, I want to express my great appreciation and gratitude to the amazing Tomball ISD community of parents, families, businesses, partners, and supporters. 
The sheer amount of ever-changing and sometimes conflicting mandates and recommendations from every level and direction of government and agencies along with the already dynamic structure of a school system certainly created a need for teamwork, consensus, flexibility, and ingenuity. 
Our shared work starts with the shared love we all have for the children of Tomball ISD and the priority which is their safety and security. There is no decision made in Tomball ISD which does not take the safety and security of your children into account. In a regular year, hundreds of such decisions go into the layout and architecture of the buildings, the security devices, the partnerships with public agencies, the counseling and training of students, the line of communication with students, parents, and community members, the procedures for visiting campuses and the training and drills which Tomball ISD faculty, staff and students undergo to be prepared. From their morning bus ride to dismissal, each school day is in fact an exercise in policies and procedures to keep students safe. This year brought the tremendous addition of special protocols which affected every one of our procedures. We appreciate all of the feedback and the participation of the parents and community as we navigated the most difficult challenges. We are thankful for your understanding, patience, prayers, and grace during these uncertain times. We could not have experienced the success we had without all of those gifts and blessings.  
I am so proud of our faculty and staff and the way they stepped up and met the immense challenges of the school year. It is through their commitment and ingenuity that Tomball ISD students continued to demonstrate high performance and growth on a variety of assessments and competitions this year. They worked tirelessly to support high quality instruction both to students in the classroom and students in the virtual program. We appreciate the cooperation of parents and families in supporting their children and working with teachers to monitor engagement and progress. It was certainly a team effort and one of which we are very proud.
Tomball ISD is a place where climate and culture distinguish us as a destination school district.  We are all looking forward to a normalization of operations so that we can again enjoy the conditions, culture, customs, celebrations, and traditions which we have so carefully built and guarded over the years. We are working hard to assure that the proper structure and supports are in place for a successful upcoming school year.
Tomball ISD truly is a destination and the district continues to grow, even during such an exceptional year as this.  It is a testimony to our shared values and we are excited about the many recommendations and plans which various focus committees are developing as we explore opportunities for growth, improvement, and development in the near future.
Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora
Superintendent of Schools
May 24, 2021