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About Twitter

Understanding the vernacular within the Twittersphere:
  • Tweet: A 280-character message (can contain up to 4 pictures, a GIF, or a video)
  • Retweet (RT): Re-sharing or giving credit to someone else's Tweet
  • Like: Liking a Tweet indicates you appreciate it, tap the heart icon to like a Tweet
  • Feed: The stream of Tweets you see on your homepage
  • Handle: Your username; ie; @TomballISD
  • Mention (@): A way to reference another user in a tweet and will create a link to that account. Users are notified when mentioned. This is a great way to conduct a public discussion
  • Hashtag (#): A way to denote a topic of conversation, it is a way to categorize messages
  • Direct Message (DM): A private 280-character message between two people
  • Follow: Subscribing to an account, this person's Tweets will show up in your feed
  • Followers: Number of people who are following you
  • Following: Number of people you are following
  • Twittersphere: AKA Twitterverse: collective postings contained within the Twitter website
  • Online Glossary:
More about The Mention Symbol @:
  • This is how Twitter categorizes username or Handle
  • Click Tweet, then type @ and the handle you wish to mention. For example to mention Tomball ISD, type @T, then a list of Handles will appear, simply select the one you want to mention or continue typing @TomballISD.
  • If you are with a group of people at an event and they are also present, consider mentioning them in your Tweet.
  • Mentions are a great way to send praise or to call attention to a specific user or users
More about the Hashtag Symbol #:
  • Categorize topics
  • Keep everyone on the same page at a given event
  • Easily searchable
  • Examples: #TeamTomball #DestinationExcellence 
Other helpful tips:
  • If responding to another account and you want the Tweet to be seen on your timeline use a period at the beginning of the Tweet. Example: ".@TomballISD that book looks amazing!"
  • Teachers and Campuses, make sure the students are approved (FERPA Law). If you're unsure, be safe with pics of the back of heads or close up of hands.
  • Public events such as Sporting Events, Choir Concerts, and Art Shows are allowed, so please share and tag others in these type of events.
  • Quick tips for new profiles: add a profile picture, header picture, update the bio, and start following the district and your school!