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Liam Goudeket

Tomball High School, 1997
FINS Swim School Owner

A passion for swimming turned into a love for serving others for this local Tomball family. 

The Goudekets own and operate FINS Swim School and since 2000, have devoted their time and energy to creating a safe, world-class experience for those learning to swim.

For son Liam, he has been a part of the FINS journey for over 15 years, led by parents Bill and Kathy.

Liam is a Tomball native, having attended Lakewood Elementary, Tomball Junior High and later graduating from Tomball High School in 1997. 

“I was born in Oklahoma but moved to Tomball when I was only a year old. I wasn’t born here but we got here as fast as we could,” Liam said.

During his time in school, Liam was a part of the football team and remembers going to games on Friday nights or getting dropped off at the Tomball movie theater.

“Tomball has always been a special place,” he said. “It has amazing schools, a great downtown, good freeway access to get in and out of town easily, and a great community with amenities like parks and restaurants.”

It wasn’t just Liam who was able to experience growing up in Tomball, attend Tomball schools and graduate from THS but all three of his sisters did as well. It was a true family experience for the Goudekets.   

Following high school Liam attended Sam Houston State University, joined the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and served on the Executive Board. He later graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. 

From there his time with FINS truly blossomed. 

“In 2000, my parents had an opportunity to purchase an existing swim school in Spring,” he remembers. “I came on staff full-time in 2005 with two of my sisters following shortly after. We all grew up swimming and coaching so naturally, the swim business just made sense for all of us.”

For Liam and the rest of the Goudeket family, they felt the need to expand FINS Swim School across the local area and since the original opening, they now have five locations.

“With five family members involved in the business, we continued to grow FINS as we saw the needs in other local areas,” Liam said. 

The family opened The Woodlands location in 2008, Atascosita in 2011, Cypress in 2016 and most recently, Birnham Woods/99 in 2020. 

“Because drowning is the leading cause of death in children under 5, our goal remains to make safer and stronger swimmers to prevent accidental deaths,” he said. “We continue to invest in our business and evolve our swim program in order to better serve our community.”

But not only does Liam continue to invest in the community through his business but by raising his own family in Tomball. He and wife, Lorrie, currently have two children attending Lakewood Elementary and one at Northpointe Intermediate.