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Problem Solving K - 2

Kristi Donald our Campus Math Specialist at Lakewood Elementary and Cherie Warren our Campus Math Specialist gave a presentation to deepen teacher's understanding of problem solving including numberless word problems on our District Staff Development Day in February 2018.  We shared several resources including some from Brian Bushart of Round Rock ISD.  Here is a link to his sets of numberless word problems and a progression of how to introduce these problem types for student mastery.
At our District Staff Development Day on August 16th, 2017 I shared a presentation using the UPSE Quadrant and a simple rubric that can be a big help.  This presentation also has some rich resources like 'numberless math problems', and steps to make comprehension the focus of problem solving.
Here is Problem Solving (google slide) we have shared with design team members last year.  Students need to work on comprehension of word problems and utilizing visualization, and reasonableness.   Watch the video from Marilyn Burns's research on this subject of key words.  Read the article sent in by WES, Math Specialist -Brandyne Finney.  There are many resources available to us to help our students past using key words and just performing an operation (right or wrong). Look at the types of problems students may encounter.  When they know what information the problem is asking for, they will become more confident problem solvers.