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The Operations Department seeks to maintain District buildings in a clean, orderly, and sanitary manner, and to provide a healthy environment for our students and staff.
This department is responsible for establishing and implementing cleaning and staffing formulas for daily operations of the District; inspecting all district buildings on a regular basis regarding custodial services; and organizing and maintaining an ongoing training program, including safety training, for the department’s personnel. On a daily basis, custodians clean over 3 million square feet of space that is equivalent to 9 - 2000 square foot homes per custodian per night.  Custodians vacuum and spot clean carpet on a daily basis; as well as clean and sanitize restrooms, classrooms, cafeterias, office areas, common areas, gyms and locker rooms. 
Juan M. Trevino
Director of Operations & Environmental
281.357.3170 ext. 6204
Gracie Rios
Custodial Coordinator
281.357.3170 ext. 6208
Leticia Rodriguez
Custodial Coordinator
1110 Baker Drive
Tomball, Tx 77375