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What will I learn?

The pre-kindergarten curriculum is designed to provide readiness activities in language arts and math and provide interesting experiences in social studies and science. Students listen to stories and books for enjoyment and to recall story details. Repetition of fingerplays and rhymes foster oral language development. Students dictate their thoughts and feelings for the teacher to record in class books and as individual “stories.” Art activities let children express their creativity while developing fine motor skills. Counting, classifying, and matching challenges children as they use manipulatives to develop math skills. Youngsters learn about themselves and the world around them during social studies and science times. Singing songs and playing rhythm instruments provides an enjoyable way for children to express themselves. Group games and physical activities develop cooperation and gross motor skills. Center time allows children to make choices and to practice skills presented in other settings. Daily activities are balanced so the social, emotional, mental, and physical needs of the children are met.

Some of the units studied in the pre-kindergarten program include:

Nursery Rhymes Community Helpers
Zoo Exploring the Earth
Transportation Family
Indians Texas, Cowboys, Rodeo
Dinosaurs Space
Farm Animals Pets
Circus Insects
Birds Me, Myself, and I

Holiday units and seasonal activities are taught at appropriate times during the year. Topics are presented with much student involvement and in an enjoyable format. Children learn that school is a great place where they are accepted and successful. This first year in school can set the tone for the rest of a student’s academic career. Students who learn to believe in themselves are successful lifelong learners. Our goal in pre-kindergarten is for children to love to learn!