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What will I do?

Activities in the pre-kindergarten program are planned to involve the whole child in the learning process. Hands-on projects allow children to use manipulatives as they count, pattern, match, and sequence. Storytelling props, flannelboard figures, masks, and puppets allow youngsters to participate in language arts activities. Singing games and seasonal songs develop musical ability and a sense of rhythm. Working within a group setting gives the children an opportunity to develop cooperation and social skills. Independent activities allow a child to learn to use time wisely and to solve problems alone. Experimenting with different media in art projects enhances creativity.

A typical day finds the students engaged in language arts activities such as listening to stories, using puppets to repeat rhymes, or dictating thoughts for a teacher to record in a class book. Math activities could involve counting and classifying objects, working on shape recognition, or matching patterns. Social studies presents holiday customs, community helpers, self-concept activities, and other interesting themes. Science time allows children to experiment with everyday materials and observe the seasons, weather, and practice personal health habits. Physical activities allow students to practice fine motor skills such as lacing, tracing, and building. Gross motor skills such as jumping, hopping, balancing, tossing, and catching receive attention, also. Activities are planned so teacher directed activities and student initiated experiences complement one another. The student learns to function in a group and independently. Most importantly, pre-kindergartners have fun learning about themselves and the world around them!