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Parent Resources

Tips for starting Prekindergarten


1. Read to your child. He/she gets his/her values from you. If you think books are interesting and important, so will your child. Make reading together an enjoyable time with the child sitting near you. The closeness, touching, affection, and your undivided attention are important to your child. Do not make reading a chore. If five minutes is all the child wants, stop after five minutes. You can stretch it to six minutes later.

2. Provide a special place to display school papers and projects. Give the child time to tell you about his/her day and to share his experiences. Praise your child for his/her efforts and provide encouragement for attempting new tasks.

3. Help your child learn to be independent about appropriate toilet habits. Dress the child in clothing that is comfortable for play and can be easily fastened (buttoned, zipped, etc.) by the child. Being able to button a paint shirt or to zip his/her own pants is great for self-esteem in a young child.


4. If your child has never been cared for by someone else, start to leave him/her for short periods of time with friends or relatives for a smooth transition.  Reassure your child that you will return and that they are safe with others.

5. Give your child duties around the house to develop self-confidence and responsibility. (Putting away toys, taking out the trash, placing silverware on the table)

6. Establish a regular pattern for sleep (10 hours), meals (keep snacks to a minimum), and play.

Remember, a child’s parents are his/her most important teachers. Talk to your child and listen to him/her. Be patient and understanding with your child’s curiosity. He/She is working hard on the person he/she will be one day!


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