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Attendance and Health

Your child should attend school each day he/she is well. Every absence, even part of a school day, interferes with your child’s progress at school. Each subject is taught in sequence which builds understanding and correct habits of study. In order to be ready for new steps in learning, your child must have mastered the previous steps and be sufficiently ready to profit from new materials.

For the protection of your child and others, please do not send your child to school with fever or diarrhea.

Please notify the homeroom teacher, within two days of his/her return to school, with a note signed by the parent or legal guardian stating the student’s name and reason for absence.

If a child is injured or becomes ill at school, the parents will be notified. If the parents are not available, then the person designated to be called in an emergency will be contacted. Be sure to keep the school notified of any changes in telephone numbers, addresses, places of work, or emergency contacts.
Each child has a permanent health record. (On this record pertinent health information is recorded.) Please keep the school notified of any health problems. All information is held confidential.
Please contact the school to discuss any health problems or attendance concerns.