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It is important to attend school regularly because attitudes about school and a sense of responsibility are developed at an early age. Once your child enters the pre-kindergarten program, compulsory attendance guidelines apply.

Encourage your child to arrive at school promptly and go directly home after school.

When your child leaves for school, be sure he/she knows how he/she will return home. Also discuss changes that may be necessary due to bad weather, etc. Please notify the school if your child’s dismissal must be modified due to a doctor’s appointment, etc.

Should it be necessary for a student to be absent, the parent or legal guardian should call and notify the attendance clerk of the student’s name, grade level, and reason for absence. The attendance clerk will attempt to contact the parent or guardian of each absent student the first day of each absence period. Whether or not contact is made by the attendance clerk, in order for the absence to be excused, the student must submit to the homeroom teacher, within two days of his/her return to school, a note signed by the parent or legal guardian stating the student’s name and reason for absence.