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Pre-K Branding
Welcome to the Prekindergarten page! Our Pre-Kindergarten program is an early learning program that prepares children for Kindergarten.  Children participate daily in a variety of activities designed to build self-esteem, and a love of learning. Opportunities are provided for social and emotional development, language development, and physical and mental growth. The pre-kindergarten program allows children to learn through “hands-on” activities. Relationships with other children and caring adults foster positive self-concepts.
Prekindergarten & Kindergarten Registration
Mark your calendars for 2022-2023 Round up and Registration! Click on the registration tab for more information.
Inscripciones de Pre-Kinder y Kindergarten
 Las inscripciones para Pre-Kinder y Kinder se llevaran acabo en las escuelas donde el programa este disponible.  Porfavor inscribase en la escuela de su zona residencial.