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"Value Every Voice and Serve with a Love for Learning"
Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Department Core Values:
  • Collaboration
  • Intentional Excellence
  • Collective Accountability
  • Responsive Instruction
  • Service
Gifted Education - Students are served in Kindergarten through Grade 6 receiving the equivalent of one full day of gifted programming in a pull-out grouping model on their home campuses. Students in grades 7 and 8 are served through academic teaming. Students at the high school have the option of enrolling in humanities courses and independent study.
Instruction is based on a sequence of specific skills developed through multi-disciplinary units. The extent of each unit depends upon the complexity of the subject matter addressed.
Special Education - Federal law requires that students with disabilities receive instruction in the least restrictive environment considered appropriate for their needs. The Special Education Program is designed to offer instruction in only those areas required by the individual student through pull-out or Resource classes. Content Mastery Centers and/or Helping Teacher support is provided on most campuses. Self-contained classes are provided as needed.
Elementary - The curriculum for students of the elementary schools of the Tomball Independent School District meets the standards established by the Texas Education Agency and includes instruction in: art, hand writing, language arts (including spelling), mathematics, music, physical education/health, reading, science, social studies, and technology.
Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students are in self-contained mixed ability classes for all subjects. Teachers may form "ability group" for reading within the classroom. Librarians and certified art, physical education, and music instructors are employed on each campus.
Intermediate - Three intermediate school campuses (grades 5-6) provide an instructional arrangement uniquely designed for the young adolescent. Interdisciplinary teams of teachers work with student teams in extended blocks of time for the core academic subjects of language arts, mathematics, science, health, and social studies. Study skills, physical education, Spanish and an adolescent life skills class enhance the intermediate school curriculum. Exploratory elective choices include art, band, and choir.
Junior High - Students, grades 7 and 8, in the junior high school program, are enrolled in language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. In addition, they take physical education or athletics and may participate in a variety of electives: band or choir, art, crafts, speech, Spanish, careers and skills for successful living. The school has adopted the Middle School Concept with students divided into four families of approximately 110 students per family. An interdisciplinary team of four teachers (one from each core subject - Math, Science, English, and History) is responsible for integrated curricular approach to instruction for those students. This promotes relevance, consistency and transfer of knowledge.
High School - Students in grades 9 through 12 take courses in English, mathematics, science and social studies. Electives include the following subject areas: career and technical education courses, journalism, art, band, music, foreign language, speech, theater arts, and humanities.
Tomball Connections Academy - Tomball Connections Academy (forrmerly Tomball Alternative Education Center) is a technology driven Alternative School for Tomball ISD. The Center's Discipline Alternative program is designed to assist "At Risk" students who learn the academic and personal skills that they need to be successful in school and in life.