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TISD GT Kids Summer Camp

GT Kids Summer Camp 2020
For the continued safety of our students, Tomball ISD has cancelled the summer camp opportunity for this year due to the COVID 19 impact.
Any opportunities available in the remote learning environment that become available will be posted and parents will be notified.
Summer Institute for the Gifted online Summer Camp link
2019 Summer Camp was a BLAST!!!


Camp Content:

This half-day camp experience will include projects and activities from the following NuMinds-developed STEAM courses:

3I Challenge 

Paper begets cardboard that we fold into boxes -

add lenses and a phone, and explore the Space

Station! The cycle of invention, innovation, and

improvement continues to launch humanity to the

next level, and this class provides students with the

tools to create, rethink, and reimagine the world in

front of them.


The Magic of Math

Throughout history, great minds have been

fascinated with mathematical puzzles, paradoxes

and wonderments for the sheer joy of it. In this

course, you’ll kindle (or re-kindle) that spark of

curiosity and passion for Math beyond the

"drudgery" of formalized step-by-step curriculum.

You’ll jump throughout history and around the 

globe, from Ben Franklin's magic squares (USA) to

Blaise Pascal's Triangle (France) to Ramanujan's

algebra puzzles (India) to Lo Shu puzzles (China), and

much more. You’ll also put the "magic" in the Math,

literally, as you learn, practice and perform

Math-based magic tricks.

Rock ‘n’ Roll


It’s science! It’s math! It’s history...and quite literally,

it’s a BLAST! In our rock’n rocketry course, students

will explore some of the basic principles of Newton’s

Laws of Motion and the aerodynamics of flight as

they construct and fly their own model rockets. We’ll

discuss the critical issues of safety, collaboration,

and design as we work to tackle the rocket

challenge--culminating in a spectacular launch party!

Endangered Art 

Elephants, and tigers, and gorillas, oh my! Some of

our most loved animals on the planet are also

endangered. Get to know some of the animals on

the endangered species list by examining their

unique characteristics and habitat needs through a

variety of art activities in a range of media. Students

will become more familiar with some of their

favorite animals and discover some new ones they

may not have heard of before. In this course, we’ll

explore the beauty and art of these animals while

raising awareness for the need for their


Busting Myths 

In the hit series Mythbusters, hosts Adam and Jamie

have shown just how amazing science experiments

can be when they are connected to real-world

passions and curiosity. In this course, we'll put long

standing scientific facts and everyday myths to the

test, and we'll do it with the same fervor and

intensity we've come to love from those mad

scientists at Mythbusters! Hands-on fun, minus the

dangerous explosions!

Thank you for taking the opportunity to participate in this great summer event for our Gifted and Talented students!!! 
We heard GREAT feedback and saw amazing fun happening every day! 
So fun to see new friendships develop all week!
*See you next year in 2020*