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Tomball ISD Mathematics

The mathematics program at Tomball Independent School District is a comprehensive pre-kindergarten through high school program with connections to the needs of our students beyond high school graduation. The program is designed to coordinate with and correlate to the exit outcomes identified by the Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS Report), the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) National Standards, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) mandated by the Texas legislature, and the program outcomes identified by the local district as important for a high school graduate. Each of these are reflected in the scope and sequence and unit plans for the mathematics program.

Tomball ISD Program Outcomes

The student will:
  • Demonstrate a willingness to accept responsibilities, execute a readiness to take initiative, and demonstrate confidence in mathematical ability and positive work habits.
  • Demonstrate conceptual understandings through mathematical modeling and problem solving using multiple representations and connections.
  • Recognize and apply effectively the geometric concepts, methods, and spatial skills most appropriate to a given problem solution.
  • Reason mathematically and estimate, when appropriate, in real-world problem situations.
  • Select, use, and evaluate a variety of techniques to approach and work on problems using appropriate technologies.
  • Represent, analyze, and find solutions (if possible) for mathematical situations and real-world phenomena.
  • Work cooperatively with others to make decisions, solve problems, conceptualize, and reason mathematically.
  • Use mathematical language, symbolism, and structure to communicate ideas.
  • Apply mathematics as a life-long learning skill in order to demonstrate personal, civic, economic, and environmental responsibility.
  • Investigate career opportunities in mathematics.

These program outcomes provide the guiding force for curriculum revision and staff development as Tomball ISD continues to search for better ways to provide every student with the mathematical tools needed in this increasingly technological society.