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Field Trip Procedures

Program Description: The field trip request program has four levels to streamline the trip request process.  All users/levels will have the ability to request trips.  The field trip coordinator will contact sponsors with any questions.


  • Level 1 –  Trip request entered by sponsor/requester
  • Level 2 –  1st Approval:  Admin Assistant, Bookkeeper, or Athletic Secretary
  • Level 3 –  2nd Approval:  Principal, Budget Manager, or the TISD Athletic Director
  • Level 4 –  Transportation Approval


When to Request:

Request a field trip immediately when planned, at least 10 days in advance.  Sporting events should be requested when scheduled for the current school year.  All field trip requests are processed through the Transfinder System.


Request Deadline:

Trips are to be requested 10 school days prior to the trip date.  This allows the opportunity to schedule and provide the best service for our students.  Transportation understands that last minute trips come up, but coverage on bus routes is our priority.  Without enough notice to plan for trips, there are no guarantees that service can be provided. Contact the field trip coordinator directly with any exceptions to this deadline. 


SUV & Truck Rental Guidelines: 

District SUV’s are in high demand, and not always available.  If one is not available at the time of booking, a request will be made for a rental vehicle to accommodate the trip. 


Sponsors are responsible for returning rentals to the appropriate company.  If a vehicle is left at Transportation to be returned at our convenience, additional charges will be incurred.


Example:  SUV returns after hours on Friday, and Transportation does not reopen until Monday.  There are no returns done after hours or on weekends by Transportation Staff.  The rental company will charge for the time it sits at Transportation.  The sponsor should prepare for this scenario, and any additional charges incurred.


Charter Bus Services:

Charter Buses are to be requested and booked through TISD Transportation only.  Please give as much notice as possible, as our list of approved bus companies fill up quickly with bookings.


Budget Codes:

Budget codes are listed on a drop-down menu in the trip request system. Accuracy is very important when choosing how a trip is paid.  Funds will be pulled directly from the budget code/account to prepay for the cost of the trip.  It is imperative the correct code is selected to ensure proper use of funds. If there is a question of which code to use, contact the campus approver.


Gas Cards: 

Gas cards are not available for trips.  Purchase of fuel will be the responsibility of the sponsor, and procedures for reimbursement will be followed at the campus level.  TISD Transportation is not responsible for any reimbursements of field trip expenses. Rental vehicles are required to have a full tank of gas upon returns. 


Available Times:

Transportation team members strive to accommodate all trips requested.  Transportation drivers are available to drive field trips between 9am - 1:45pm, on a first come, first served basis.  Daily bus routes are the first priority, and occur between 5:30 – 9:00 am & again from 2:00 – to 5:00 pm.  Drivers and A/C buses will not always be available.  Any special requests must be approved in writing by the Director of Transportation.



Downtown Houston Trips:

Travel time from TISD campuses to downtown Houston (Zoo, Aquarium, or Museum District, etc.) average 1.5 hours or more, depending on traffic conditions.  There is a limited amount of time available for students to spend at the trip location, eat lunch, and board the bus to return to campus.  The bus is required to leave the location early enough be back in town for afternoon route coverage.  The departure time from downtown destinations can be as early as 12:15 PM.


Trip Rates for 2019 – 2020: 

All field trips will be charged to campus accounts at the time of booking (prepaid).  Notification of trip or vehicle cancelations should be made to Transportation as soon as possible.  Charges may apply depending on the timing notification.  Reimbursements will be made to the account charged, upon approval.


District SUV - $100.00 per day


Coach Driven Athletic Trips:

$60.00 driver fee + $1.60 per mile


Bus trips with a driver provided by Transportation:

$3.69 per mile.


Overnight Bus Trips:

$3.69 per mile + the calculated cost of the driver’s hourly rate.  Trip Sponsor will provide accommodations for the driver, according to the following:


  • Drivers are not to share a room with students.
  • Drivers are not responsible for chaperoning students.
  • Sponsors are responsible for supervising students and their property.
Coach Pay Guidelines:     
  • Athletic Trip - $60.00 outside of school hours, regardless of the miles driven. Driving to practice locations or pregame dinners are not considered paid trips (i.e. Swim practice, Football to McDonald's etc.).


  • Coach covering school field trips, outside of Athletics (i.e. Band, FFA, etc.) are paid at $17.70 per hour.  When driving outside of normal school hours. Times must be recorded on the trip paperwork to be paid.