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Health Services Department Vision, Mission, and Goals


Tomball ISD students will be healthy, safe, and ready to learn for a successful future.



Tomball ISD Health Services Department facilitates the optimal wellness of students, families, and staff through leadership, quality improvement, and community collaboration.



  • Provide accurate comprehensive student health assessments according to Board of Nursing Standards of School Nursing Practice
  • Provide state mandated screenings (vision, hearing, spinal, Type 2 diabetes)
  • Ensure mandated immunization compliance
  • Collaborate with parents and campus educational committees to determine healthcare needs and bests interests of all students
  • Provide and direct special procedures for any (special needs) student in the least restrictive environment
  • Work closely with students with chronic disabilities to enable them to function in the least restrictive school setting while addressing their individual medical needs
  • Ensure every student a healthy and productive lifestyle during their time in school
  • Support each student to be in the classroom so they can hear and learn while maintaining a level of health that enables the student to work at their potential
  • Work with students, families and employees throughout the district to promote healthy lifestyles with an emphasis on prevention of illness and accidents and a reduction of absenteeism
  • Serve as a resource for students and employees regarding health matters
  • Present health related programs to the students, including growth and development, drug education, nutrition and hygiene
  • Present health related programs and educational opportunities to the employee to include CPR/First Aid training and Wellness programs.  
  • Meet daily needs of students including medication administration, first aid and emergent situations
  • Counsel students, staff and families ensuring a safe, non-judgmental, an confidential environment which allow persons involved to speak freely
  • Utilize evidence based practice and nursing scope of practice to optimize health and wellness
  • Assist in behavioral and psychological management of students
  • Collaborate with members of educational team to support student success with all students and be active participants during ARDs or 504 meetings as appropriate.