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The style guide for the Moving T logo is below. Please take a look, it may be updated periodically.
TIF, AI, EPS, and PDF file types are best for print documents. JPG and PNG (transparent background) file types are best for digital documents and web. If you have any questions about what type of file you need to use or how to resize the logo, just let us know.
281-357-3100 x 2065 or
District Colors

Color: Blue
Pantone Value: 281 C
RGB Value: 0,31,91
CMYK Value: 100,91,31,34
Hex Value: #001f5b


Color: Red
Pantone Value: 186 C
RGB Value: 207,10,44
CMYK Value: 12,100,91,3
Hex Value: #cf0a2c


Color: Yellow
Pantone Value: 110 C
RGB Value: 220,170,0
CMYK Value: 16,31,100,0
Hex Value: #dcaa00


Color: Violet
Pantone Value: Violet C
RGB Value: 68,0,153
CMYK Value: 94,100,0,1
Hex Value: #440099