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Request to Conduct Research In Tomball ISD

For Requests to Conduct Research or Evaluations by External Persons or Entities

The Tomball ISD Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (CIA) reviews all requests for research and evaluation projects to be conducted in Tomball ISD. All researchers and evaluators, including graduate students and TISD employees must submit a completed Application for Research and follow all required procedures and timelines.
Following a completed submission, the application will be reviewed at the next CIA department meeting for initial approval. Other departments or campuses may be contacted for approval as well depending on the nature of the request. It is the department's goal to complete the review process within 30 days and to communicate with the requestor regarding the status of the request.
Please see the SAMPLE application below as a PREVIEW to the Google Form so that you can organize and prepare your application accordingly.  You may not use the preview document to complete your application.  You must apply online using the link below.  The application is a Google Form which requires the requestor to be logged into a google account in order to upload attachments.
Application form available at: