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Low Cost Internet Service

EveryoneOn is a national nonprofit working to eliminate the digital divide by making high-speed, low-cost Internet service and computers, and free digital literacy courses accessible to all unconnected Americans. We aim to leverage the democratizing power of the Internet to provide opportunity to all Americans – regardless of age, race, geography, income, or education level. Through partnerships with local Internet service providers, EveryoneOn is able to offer free or $9.94 home Internet service in 48 states and the District of Columbia. To find out what services are available in your area go to: and enter your zip code or call (877)947-4321

The digital world is full of possibilities. AT&T is making it easier to connect to friends, family, and the things that matter most. Technology has the ability to revolutionize education and empower lives, but only for those who can connect to it. Access to the Internet brings with it an opportunity to apply for jobs online, connect with family and friends, access virtual library shelves, research health questions, complete an online education—and a whole lot more. The Access program from AT&T provides an affordable way for low-income consumers to take advantage of these opportunities.  Go to to register and see if you qualify.


Comcast Internet Essentials costs just $9.95 a month and delivers a blazing fast 10 Mbps download speed. Qualifying families will even be able to purchase a computer for only $149.99. There are no activation fees and no additional equipment fees, and your internet now comes with a wireless router.  You also get the world famous Norton Security Suite which gives you professional online security. It’s a $160 value, but you get it absolutely free. And finally, Internet Essentials gives you free parental control features to help protect your kids whether they’re doing their schoolwork or just playing on the internet.  This service is available in Tomball. 

To qualify for Internet Essentials a family must have at least one child eligible to receive a reduced or free school lunch through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) (recently broadened to include students in private schools, parochial schools and home-schooled students).  To find out more go to: 


Now that Altice, the French communications conglomerate, has taken over Suddenlink, the company is introducing Economy Internet, a new low-income internet plan available in all 16 of the states it serves, including Tomball, Texas. Qualifying families are eligible to receive Internet services at $14.95 per month (with no annual contract) which includes Broadband speeds of up to 30 Mbps downstream, In-home wi-fi at no extra cost, a free modem, and no data caps.  Suddenlink also participates in’s flagship program that provides affordable desktop, laptop, and tablet devices to students and families that qualify for the National School Lunch Program or SSI. Contact Suddenlink to learn more and see if you qualify go to: or phone 844-358-3147.


There are more providers offering low-income Internet options for Texas residents.  You can find the most current list of available options  at: