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TISD Acceptable Use Policy and Digital Citizenship

TISD Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy

It is essential that students, parents and staff understand Internet safety and digital citizenship and the rules of safe and purposeful online communication. To this end Tomball ISD has established an Acceptable Use Policy to address these areas of concern while utilizing technology resources at school.  In addition, we have provided links to additional online resources to help ensure that our students, parents, and staff can increase their chances of having a safe, positive, and rewarding online experience outside of school.
Overview of the TISD Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy:
  • 10 Things Every STUDENT Should Know Presentation
  • 10 Things Every PARENT Should Know Presentation 


Digital Citizenship Resources

In Tomball ISD, we want to prepare our students for a technology rich future. With that in mind we want our students to work and play in a safe environment while online, but know that sometimes that does not happen. To help prepare our students to navigate the digital world we are incorporating Google's Be Internet Awesome program.

"To make the most of the Internet, kids need to be prepared to make smart decisions. Be Internet Awesome teaches kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so they can explore the online world with confidence."

TISD Elementary and Intermediate Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence 

TISD Secondary Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence


Common Sense Media is a website that provides information on keeping your child safe while utilizing technology and media.  It includes specific guides for Families as well as provides information on a variety of parent concerns.
The iKeepSafe website has created several programs to help parents teach their children to safely and ethically use their digital devices.   
Social Media: Make it Work FOR You! Is a custom created video that explains the importance of students' digital footprint and the role that social media can play in impacting their lives.
Think Before You Post        
FBI Warns of Posting Hoax Threats to Institutions and Launches Campaign to Educate the Public to #ThinkBeforeYouPost.  Read more about Hoax Threats and the potential to be charged with a serious Federal crime.