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SMART-Tag System & Student ID Cards

Tomball ISD has implemented a new safety measure for all campuses with the new addition of student ID cards for all students. In an effort to ensure that only students who belong on campus are on campuses, the student ID cards will assist teachers and administrators in quickly identifying someone who should not be on campus. 
  • Elementary students will be required to attach their student ID cards to their backpacks.
  • Secondary students will be required to wear student ID cards on a lanyard around the neck.


What is SMART tag? from The SMART tag Team on Vimeo.

Tomball ISD is excited to begin implementing the use of the SMART-Tag system, which helps increase safety and security for students riding on a school bus, leveraging technology to improve student management and communications on school buses.
SMART-Tag monitors student loading and unloading, providing real-time information to the Transportation Department, and you, the parent.
During the first few weeks of school, Tomball ISD will be phasing in the system on all bus transportation and monitoring the system while bus rosters are being finalized. 
The SMART-Tag system also includes a Parent Portal, which provides alerts to be sent to parents via email or text when your child is 10-15 minutes from their stop.
All TISD families who have already registered for bus transportation will be receiving future communication directly from the TISD Transportation Department on how to access the Parent Portal.
The Smart Tag system was approved at the April 13 TISD Board meeting to provide parents and staff a safe and efficient way to monitor the status of school buses and students on the bus. Students scan their ID card when they board and disembark from the bus. There are also additional safety features that allow the Tomball ISD Transportation Department to send timely communication to parents regarding any delays or other transportation related communication. 
For more information regarding our new SMART-Tag system, visit:  
Please note: The ID cards are not used for tracking students in and around each campus. The cards must be used on a special card reader that is only on school buses; campuses do not have these card readers on campus to scan the cards. Any uses outside of the intended transportation use must receive approval by the Tomball ISD Board of Trustees.