Ann Le » Welcome to my page!

Welcome to my page!

My name is Dr. Ann H. Lê and I will be serving Tomball ISD as the Behavioral Specialist - Program Specialist for Behavior and Mental Health (wraparound services) for the 2021-2022 school year.
About me & my family:
I am a native born Tomballian who graduated from Tomball High School in 2000 (I attended Lakewood Elementary, Tomball Intermediate, and Tomball Junior High). I am a single mom to two boys - Ethan and Preston - both attend Tomball Memorial High school.  Ethan is working hard to attend Rice University and one day work for NASA. Preston has passion in culinary arts and wants to become to next Gordon Ramsey; but he wants to go to Baylor like his mommy. We have a betta fish "Mycroft" (named after Sherlock Holmes's brother) and recently adopted a rescue puppy we named "Tokyo" - he's a Blue heeler and AmStaff mix.
  • DIY projects, including home renovations & arts/crafts
  • Motocycles and vintage cars
  • MOVIES!!!! (LOVE zombies, vampires, DC comics, Marvel, and animated movies but will watching pretty much anything)
  • Doing research for publications & advancement (yes, nerd-life through and through) - I'm a life-long learner =)
  • Traveling
  • Foodie
  • Coffee-lover
  • Hiking, camping, lake life, mountain life, bonfires, pretty much being in nature...
About my education:
  • Graduated 4th in my class at Tomball High School in 2000.
  • Earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Neuroscience at Baylor University in May 2004. Sic 'Em Bears!
  • Student taught at Northpointe Intermediate School in 2012.
  • Was a Special Education Developmental teacher (K-4th grade) at Willow Creek Elementary in 2012-2013.
  • Served Decker Prairie Elementary School in 2013-2015 as the Special Education PPCD (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities) for Bilingual and Visually Impaired students.
  • Earned my Masters of Education degree in Special Education and Educational Diagnostician certification at Sam Houston State University in 2015.
  • Transferred to Cypress Fairbanks ISD to become an educational diagnostician at the elementary level (and RDSPD program - students who are deaf/hard of hearing (auditory impairment)) from 2015-2019 where I performed Special Education Assessments and Facilitated ARDs/IEPs under IDEA, while also serving as mentor to new diagnosticians and a consultant to Texas-wide school districts in the special education assessment of Vietnamese students.
  • I also became a published author in a variety of educational journals and textbook chapters, as well as a guest speaker at statewide conferences, university forums, and radio show at Stanford University. 
  • Transferred & served 2019-2021 school years in Klein ISD at the high school level.  I felt it was important for me to gain experience at all levels of education. 
  • Earned my Doctorate of Education degree in Educational Leadership and Principal as Instructional Leader certification at Sam Houston State University in 2021 where my research was "Principal Leadership in Special Education: Qualitative Case Study to Fostering Inclusive Practices."
  • I am currently working on research related to Special Education and assisting teacher prep programs and principal prep programs to increase SPED content in efforts to better prepare educators with meeting the needs of ALL students.
  • Most recently, I was featured on BAM! Radio for Education Week discussing "How can we best support students in “Special Education” programs in their return to normal classroom instruction?" and contributed to a column in their magazine.
I am so excited to serve the great community that I grew up in. We may be a small district, but we sure do make BIG things happen! 
Best regards,
Dr. Ann H. Lê
Program Specialist | Behavioral Specialist
Student Support Specialist - CPES, WCES, and GOES
Office #: (281) 357-3140 Ext 4126