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About the Teacher

My name is Kimm Carter Montgomery. The 2021-22  school year will be my thirty-seventh year in Tomball ISD.    I am proud to be a Tomball ISD teacher!  We are a unique community.  I feel that our district is dedicated to the success of all students and everyone I know is committed to doing what is best for kids.  
I began in Tomball ISD with student teaching. I student taught for English III AP and French.  I was hired before my student teaching ended and began working at Tomball High in the fall of 1985.  I taught English II AP and French I.  I also coached cheerleading for many years.  I taught all the levels of English and French during my time at Tomball High School.  
I moved to our DAEP 20  years ago.  I began teaching all of the subjects, English, History, Science and Math. Thankfully, we hired some more staff to share the duties!  I am now working with the Success Academy students and for the DAEP students, I am responsible for Foreign Languages.  
I enjoy staying abreast of the new technologies and professional staff development opportunities that TISD offers.  We have  great Technology and Curriculum teams that really assist me - with all of these class preparations, it's crucial that I be on the top of my game every day!  I know our district is growing each school year and I enjoy meeting our new staff and getting to work with a variety of people to best help your student at Connections Academy.
I have received eight  A+ Teacher of the Year awards at various points in my career.    I have also earned the Tomball Rotary Lifetime Educator Achievement award in 2017.  In August of 2017, I was honored at the Tomball Chamber of Commerce as teacher of the month.  I am deeply honored to receive these awards and I believe the people I work with deserve much of the credit also. I have also become a Master Teacher.  Currently, I am helping out with Schoology training for our staff.  
I have a husband, who works as the Network Administrator for TISD and a son that recently graduated from Tomball High School.  I have also lived many places.  I went to school and grew up in London, England.  I have lived in other countries and enjoy exploring cultures and histories.  My other favorite activity is reading!
Below is a picture of when I was awarded the Rotary Club's Education award and a picture of my first year teaching  Tomball High.  Look at those wings!!!