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Facility Study 2013

The Board of Trustees of the Tomball Independent School District has commissioned a study to be conducted by members of the Tomball Independent School District community to assess the needs for facilities improvements and expansion for the years 2013-2014 through 2018-2019. A group of prospective participants will be selected by the T.I.S.D. Board of Trustees to form a core of committee members. This core group of members will meet to organize, divide into subcommittees and solicit other interested people. Additional participants will be solicited via the media and notices sent out to each parent in the district. A meeting will then be held for all interested participants to organize and divide into subcommittees.

These subcommittees will study such topics as demographics of the area, population projections, programs of other school districts, the district’s current financial position and methods of financing capital expenditures. They may visit campuses, interview teachers and administrators, and do independent research on current quality levels of programs, instruction, and finance in the public education field. Each subcommittee will report on their findings and make recommendations to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will analyze the reports and develop their findings and recommendations.

The findings and recommendations of the Steering Committee will be presented at a public forum, with the purpose of explaining the process for and conclusions of their study and soliciting response from the public. The Steering Committee will then present their findings and recommendations to the TISD Board of Trustees.

The Board will make a determination, based upon the report of the Steering Committee, of the facility needs of the district for the next 5 years and the means to address these needs. If a bond election is indicated, the Board will develop the bond proposal and call the election.