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Employee FAQs

Employee FAQs

How do I change my home address or personal information?
You can update your demographic information in the TISD Talent Employee Access Center or you may complete the Personnel Information Form and return it to the Human Talent Department at Central Office. This Employee Access Center is only accessible on a district computer and cannot be accessed outside the district. Your login is your User ID and the password is what you use to login into your computer. The Benefits Department will be notified when any change are made.

I just got married and need to change the name on my paycheck. Who do I contact?
We are required by law to use the name that is on your Social Security card. If you need to have the name on your card changed you may download an Application for a Social Security Card from the Social Security website or you may visit a local Social Security office. Once you have received your new card with your name change, complete the district’s Change of Name Form and bring it and your new social security card to the Human Talent Department. Your information will be changed accordingly in our system.

I saw a job posting online that I am interested in. As a member of the TISD family, how do I apply?
Any district employee may apply online for an open position. You may also send your resume and a letter of interest to James Baker, Director of Human Talent before the close of the job posting. Your request will be submitted to the respective administrator for the campus/department that has the opening.

How can I get copies of my payroll checks and W2?
You can access your records by logging into the TISD Employee Access Center. This site is only accessible on a district computer you cannot access the center outside of the district. Your login is your User ID and the password is what you use to login into your district computer.

I lost my badge or have moved to another campus?
How do I get a new one? ID Badges can be obtained at the Central Administration Building, 310 S. Cherry Street, Monday through Friday from 8:30am - 12:00pm and 1:00pm - 4:00pm. There is no charge for badges for new hires or for employees changing campuses. If a badge is worn and unreadable it will be replaced at no charge; however, if you lose your badge or if you have just recently been issued a new badge (within a school semester) there will be a $5.00 charge deducted from your paycheck to defer the cost of supplies. A form will be given to you at the time your request is made.

I would like to change the amount that is being direct deposited into my savings account. How can I make this change?
Download the Authorization for Direct Deposit form, complete and return to the Human Talent Department. Please make sure that you provide the correct account number and routing number on the form to avoid any mistakes. It will take two pay dates for the change to take effect.

My withholding status has changed and I need to amend the number of allowances on my W-4.
W-4 forms are available in TDAS. Complete the form and return it to the Human Talent Department for processing.

How do I report my sick days and personal time off?
All district employees are required to report their sick days or time off through AESOP. You may access the system through the TISD Talent on the district website. Please contact your campus/department secretary to learn more about the system or you may contact Juan Santos in the Human Talent Department at Central Office.