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Feel Good Friday Stories

Feel Good Friday stories are designed to make a reader feel good by showcasing the many amazing things going on within Tomball ISD schools. We look forward to highlighting our students and staff every Friday.
May 20, 2022
TMHS Track Student-Athlete Molly Haywood Wins State 6A Championship by Breaking 
Pole Vault Record
Molly Haywood Track

Tomball Memorial High School student-athlete Molly Haywood left her mark at the UIL 6A State Track and Field Championships with a record-breaking performance.

Haywood, a junior, cleared 14-03.00 to win the UIL 6A State Pole Vault Championship and break the all-time UIL state-meet mark. The previous record held was 14-00.00.

It was back and forth between Haywood and Coppell’s Sky Schuller, who both cleared 14.00-00. It wasn’t until Haywood’s 14.03.00 attempt that separated the two and crowned her State Champion. She then attempted to break the National Record of 14.10.00, but fell just shy of that mark. 

Haywood is the first State Champion for TMHS since the school was reclassified and joined 6A competition. 

"Molly Haywood is the definition of an all around athlete," said Lillian Knopf, TMHS Track & Field Coach. "She pushes herself harder than others around her, academically and physically to improve herself. She is only a Junior and has excelled by achieving State and National records. Her winning 1st place at the State meet is a huge accomplishment and a true testament of the pole vault community we have in Tomball."

May 13, 2022
Tomball ISD Welcomes Home Former THS, TMHS Students for College 101

THS College 101   TMHS College 101

In Tomball ISD, our “students lead in creating the future.” In an effort to support those students who share an interest in pursuing college, Tomball ISD created an opportunity, called College 101, to provide insight from former TISD students to current seniors as they prepare to transition from high school to college. 

College 101 and Tomball ISD welcomed home former students from Tomball High School and Tomball Memorial High School to share about their experiences now as college students. Set up as a panel-like discussion, each high school hosted the event and welcomed seniors to the program. 

Superintendent Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora served as the host and former students fielded questions from both Dr. Z and the student audience, ranging from “why did you select your school?” to “what is it like living on your own?”

Participating in the panel discussion and returning home with college insight were:

  • Ashley Thompson - Lone Star College - Tomball
  • Andrea Juarez Prado - Lone Star College - Tomball Honors College
  • Ryan Vu - Texas A&M University (Corps of Cadets)
  • Humzah Hassan - Texas A&M University
  • Luke Worrell - Texas State University
  • Kaedyn Colton - Boston Conservatory at Berklee
  • Abby Dy - Texas A&M University

May 6, 2022

TES Teacher Jill Handal Recognized by Former Student & Oklahoma State Athletics


It was a perfect ending to Teacher Appreciation Week when Tomball Elementary teacher Jill Handal was surprised on a Zoom call by one of her former first grade students.

Charmé Morgan, a now-Oklahoma State University graduate and decorated college soccer player, was named a Big 12 Champion for Life for her contributions to soccer, her University and her community. 

With that, Charmé had an opportunity to recognize an influential teacher in her life. It was the lasting memories that Mrs. Handal created as well as the impact she had on Charmé when she was in the first grade at an elementary school in the Frisco area that made a significant difference in her life.

Charmé wrapped up her soccer career this year at Oklahoma State, where she was a two-time Big 12 Champion and an All-Conference selection. She was also selected as the 16th pick in the National Women’s Soccer League.

To publicly recognize the impact she had on Charmé, Handal joined her colleagues at TES for a surprise Zoom call from an OSU Athletic Department Representative and Charmé herself, where the once-young, inspiring first grader, reminisced on her time in Mrs. Handal’s class and how Mrs. Handal’s impact helped shape who she is today. A beautiful tribute to a well-deserving teacher, who now calls Tomball home. 

Because of this recognition by Oklahoma State University and the College Football Playoff, Mrs. Handal will also receive $2,500 that she can use for classroom supplies.  

“I am so honored by this tribute,” said Handal. “It was a complete surprise! I haven't heard from Charmé or her family since I taught at Gunstream Elementary so as soon as I saw her name pop up on the screen and she started talking I just burst into tears.I was so amazed at how much she remembered about first grade and I was just so proud of her. As a teacher it is so special and meaningful to see your former students grown up and see how they are doing. She talked about so many little things that were important to her and that made an impact on her and it just reminded me that what we do as teachers really matters and can make a difference in the life of a child.”

April 29, 2022
Special Services is Building Leaders through Student Congress Committee

Student Congress

In an effort to continue building student leaders across Tomball ISD, a student committee, known as Student Congress, leads student-advocacy efforts for the Special Services Department.

This student committee, composed of students from THS and TMHS, provide on-going feedback to the Special Services Leadership Team concerning programming, barriers to access and new ideas. While serving on this committee, students learn the advocacy skills necessary to navigate educational, social and work environments. Members also provide feedback and guidance in the development of such district-wide events as Challenge Days, Respite event and other community events.

Student Congress began during the 2020-2021 school year but met virtually due to district safety measures. This school year, the students, who were nominated by their teachers, have met twice and have had the opportunity to tour Central Office and Tomball Event Center. During meetings, they share glows and grows from their experiences in Tomball ISD, discuss their services and support as well as work on social skills, self-advocacy and independence. 

Led by Amber Naylor, a Tomball ISD Behavior Specialist, and supported by Keri Williams, Director of Special Services, and the entire Special Services Leadership Team, Student Congress has had the opportunity to collaborate and share experiences outside a classroom setting. 

The future is bright for this group as they continue to enlist students to be a part of this  committee and build relationships with other student leadership groups across Tomball ISD.  

April 22, 2022

GLJHS Coach George Stewart’s Family Wins Academy Award for Documentary on His Mom’s Incredible Story: “Queen of Basketball”


George Stewart - FGF

It is not every day a teacher in Tomball ISD can say their family won an Academy Award. 

George Stewart, a P.E. teacher and coach at Grand Lakes Junior High, and his siblings recently received a first-class experience, attending the Oscars and coming home victorious in the category of Documentary - Short Subject. 

The documentary by Ben Proudfoot, titled “Queen of Basketball” is a short film about Stewart’s late mother Lucia Harris, also known as Lucy. 

IMDB described “Queen of Basketball” as “an electrifying portrait of Lucy Harris, who scored the first basket in women's Olympic history and was the first and only woman officially drafted into the N.B.A. Harris has remained largely unknown - until now.”

Stewart was able to reflect on his mom’s legacy and what it meant to the family for this documentary to win an Academy Award.

“My mom telling her own story in her own way meant a lot to us,” Stewart said. “She is truly an American unsung hero and has finally been given the opportunity to tell her story. She has left a great legacy and we are so proud of her.”

With Harris passing in January, attending the Oscars in honor of his mother was important for Stewart and his siblings. It was a memory that they will all cherish forever.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience for my family and I,” he said. “We appreciate the first-class service that we were given. It is bittersweet because she passed in January and didn’t get to see her win. I know she is looking down from above with joy!”

Lucy Harris was a pioneer in women’s sports and most importantly, a mom. 

Stewart’s favorite memory of his mom had nothing to do with basketball but everything to do with being a good human being.

“Seeing my mom buy school supplies for students in need and then receiving an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism years later was my favorite memory of her. She taught us to love and treat people right because it brings abundant blessings. She also reminded us to be a winner in life!”

Following her playing career, Harris became a coach and mentor to young athletes.

And Stewart, in his own way, is continuing what his mother started by impacting the lives of young ones through coaching.

Watch the Documentary, “Queen of Basketball”.

April 8, 2022

CPES Teacher Stephanie Howard Reconnects with Former Students over a Dr. Pepper




Stephanie Howard has taught kindergarten in Tomball ISD and specifically at Canyon Pointe Elementary, for 14 years. 

A veteran educator with over 19 years of experience, Howard’s ability to truly connect with her students has created lasting relationships and memories for many years.

“I love teaching kindergarten because I know that I am laying the foundation for their school experience,” Howard said. “I want my students to know that when they come to school they are loved and they will be safe to learn and be themselves!”

Years ago, Howard jokingly told her students that ‘when you turn 16 and start driving, you must stop by Sonic and bring me a Dr. Pepper.”

Over 10 years later, two of her former kindergarten students began driving and stopped by to check in with Howard with her favorite drink.

“One of the boys is the son of a teacher on campus and he was very excited about finally being able to drive and bring me a Dr. Pepper,” Howard laughed. “These boys have been friends since kindergarten. They are now sophomores!”

Whether it is a chat over a Dr. Pepper or a memory shared, Howard’s love for teaching and reconnecting with former students is evident.

“It is truly an amazing feeling to stay in touch with my students and see how they are growing and succeeding in their high school years.” 

FGF: April 1, 2022
Dr. Salazar-Zamora Celebrates 5 Years as Tomball ISD’s Superintendent of Schools

Dr Z

Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora celebrated her five year anniversary as Tomball ISD’s Superintendent of Schools on April 1, 2022. 

She has served as an educator in Texas for over 30 years. Prior to being named Superintendent in 2017, she worked as the District’s Chief Academic Officer for three years.

As the Team Tomball leader, Salazar-Zamora has elevated Tomball ISD into a consistent A-rated school district and most recently as the Top Ranked School District in the Houston area. She not only leads a fast-growth district, but has maintained a standard of excellence in academics and finances while still fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students.

Congratulations, Dr. Salazar-Zamora, on five years as Tomball ISD’s fearless leader!

FGF: March 25, 2022
NIS Students Leave their Legacy by Creating Forever Friends Project

NIS Forever Friends

Northpointe Intermediate teacher Emily Adams challenged her students to come up with a way to leave a legacy at NIS as a GT project. Her kids presented their ideas and the class voted! 

Forever Friends is a student-created project designed to create opportunities for authentic interactions - with no barriers - academic or physical. With this being a student-created and student-led project, this is an opportunity for her students to practice GE life principles of empathy, compassion, friendship and perseverance to name a few.

“It is amazing to see a community that is based on inclusiveness.”

As part of this project, Adams’ students have been working with the students in Mrs. Graham’s developmental class. 

“I have students working on gross motor skills, fine motor skills, playing board games, as well as helping prepare for the Special Olympics. Some of my students seek out tutoring opportunities, before and after school as well. Right now we are just enjoying the opportunity to PLAY,” Adams said.

When asked how her students are responding to this new project …

“My students have grown SO much. My GT students in particular have been humbled by being a leader in friendship, not academics. I believe I have a couple of students in particular who have found their calling…at age 10! The Developmental students have blossomed! They seek out their new friends, are more eager to socialize, and have had a lot more opportunities to work on many skills,” Adams said.

Because Forever Friends reaches so many students at NIS and because of its innovative approach to friendship and building relationships, this project and Emily Adams’ class were honored with a Tomball Education Foundation grant worth $3,326.

“Our grant will be used to purchase materials to bring all students together. We will add tables to the developmental courtyard, a garden box, sensory bins, outdoor equipment and craft supplies. We have learned that sometimes kids do not know how to naturally and authentically make friends with students who have different needs than their own, so we will purchase many items that will give purpose to our play (preparing for special Olympics, working in the garden together) with the goal of students initiating their own authentic ‘play dates’.”



March 11, 2022
TMHS Principal Dr. Jeff Bailey Meeting One-on-One with EVERY Senior Before Graduation

TMHS Meetings

Imagine being a senior and experiencing three leadership changes among other things on your campus during your four years? Tomball Memorial High School seniors have truly experienced it all.

TMHS Principal Dr. Jeff Bailey understands the importance of building a culture of excellence. While this is his first year in Tomball ISD and only year with this senior class, he wants to get to know each and every one of them on a personal level before they depart TMHS in May.

Dr. Bailey has set up 15 days from February through May where for that entire day he meets with seniors individually for about 10 minutes each to discuss their future plans and to get to know them better. He will see approximately 40 students a day and will meet with over 600 students before graduation.

“With being new to the campus this year, I felt it was important to have time with each senior in order to get to know them before they graduate in May. By meeting with each one, I’m also able to gather feedback about their experience at TMHS so we can improve as a campus,” he said.

When he meets with the seniors, he asks questions about their future plans, wants them to discuss their involvement in clubs and organizations, asks them to describe their overall experience at TMHS, talk about how their senior year has gone and are they on track to graduate and if not, how he can help. 

His intentional effort to focus 15 days this semester on his seniors has been critical in building a strong campus culture. 

“I think it is important because it provides an opportunity for each student to have time to express their own personal thoughts, feelings and beliefs in a setting that is safe. It allows me to get to know our students better and to gain a better picture on how we are doing as a campus in supporting our students,” he said.

The student feedback, he said, “...has been amazing. Every student has been honest, respectful and willing to share their high school story and plans beyond TMHS with me.” 


FGF: March 4, 2022
TIS Student Inspired by Principal Samora Davis during Black History Month Project


In honor of celebrating Black History Month, Tomball Intermediate School student Nevaeh Stephens and her fifth grade ELA class were asked to choose and research any figure to spotlight for their Black History Month Project and inspired by her campus leader, Stephens chose to highlight Principal Samora Davis.

Davis has served TIS as Principal since 2019 and brings over 20 years of experience to education, having last served as the TISD Director of Intervention and LOTE. She is well-versed and has also spent time as a Spanish teacher, Educational Diagnostician and Assistant Principal. Davis is the first African-American Principal to serve that position in Tomball ISD.

In this project, Stephens was able to capture significant research on Davis’ early life and family, fun facts about her, monumental moments that shaped who she is and the legacy she wants to leave behind.

Stephens was able to share an interest with Davis during the interview that made her comfortable and at ease through the questions.

“Nevaeh said that she found it interesting that I speak both Spanish and English, and she was specifically interested in my career as an Educational Diagnostician,” said Davis. “Nevaeh wants to be a psychiatrist or caretaker when she grows up, and she liked that my role as an Educational Diagnostician was similar, in that I help to support families with students with disabilities in two languages.”

The two also connected because of their personalities.

“Nevaeh also said that she likes that I am calm and kind, and that is part of the reason that she wanted to learn more about me,” Davis recalls. “Nevaeh is shy and very soft-spoken and thought it was cool that I participated in grant writing, earning the district a grant for mental health training in my previous career because of the field that she is interested in pursuing.”

Through this project, both Davis and Stephens were able to learn more about each other, and learn they share a passion for many things. This project and Stephens’ research truly embraced the celebration of Black History.

“I hope that I was able to inspire her in some way,” Davis said.

February 25, 2022
Campuses Celebrate Bus Drivers & their Service to the Families of Tomball ISD

Bus Appreciation

Tomball ISD campuses embraced Bus Driver Appreciation Day this week by celebrating the individuals who truly go the extra mile to provide safe transportation for our students to and from school each and every day. 

Bus drivers in Tomball are servant leaders who have continued to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide a smiling face to Tomball ISD students, sharing a passion for service all while braving weather complications and challenges along the way. 

Campuses took time to honor their respective bus drivers with goodie bags, treats, notes of appreciation and more this week. These campuses took to social media to publicly announce its appreciation for these dedicated individuals and thank them for all they do to support the families of Tomball ISD. 

We're excited at how fast our district is growing, so Tomball ISD continues to seek motivated individuals to serve as Bus Drivers in our desired district! Join #TeamTomball now.

February 18, 2022
Creekside Park Junior High Collaborated to Form a New Club: Cougars 4 Kindness 

Cougars 4 Kindness

Creekside Park Junior High staff and students collaborated to form a kindness and service-based organization, Cougars 4 Kindness. Spearheaded by a group of students who wanted to start a new club that focused on acceptance and being kind to others, Counselor Brandi Halverson, along with the combined efforts of teachers Jennifer Hobbs, Kristin Thomas, Sheri Forbes and Jan Bishop, this group introduced the idea to their leadership team. After spreading the word about this potential new club, a group of students who saw the need for CPJHS to “spread a smile, touch a heart”, became the leaders. 

This group of student leaders created a mission statement, the club’s core values, designed t-shirts and founded a community sponsor. Cougars 4 Kindness also collaborated with other clubs (National Art Junior Honor Society, Student Council and School of Character Cadre) as well as the PTO and Austin Bank. It was truly a team effort to jumpstart this new organization for students at CPJHS. 

The club’s first endeavor was The Great Kindness Week Project where the students and staff worked together on activities and a global service project, Coins 4 Peru. This group continues to participate in service projects and are also involved in specialized weeks and celebrations on campus.  

February 11, 2022

Timber Creek Elementary Students Provided Opportunity to Engage in Cougar College


Card Games FGF

Since 2017, Timber Creek Elementary has provided an opportunity for its students to engage in Cougar College, a program model and structure related to college and career readiness.


Within Cougar College, teachers offer varied, unique classes for students to choose from each week. Students go through the course selection process of choosing their class, then for six Fridays in a row, during Cougar College, they go to that new teacher’s learning area and engage in a fun learning activity beyond core academics. This unique opportunity for TCES students promotes inquiry, research, creativity, and self-directed learning.


Some classes include but are not limited to: drama, card games, origami making, art and outdoor activities.


Cougar College is based on the "Genius Hour Concept" that was developed by Google, as a research based program to increase employee productivity and intrinsic motivation. The gist of the research shows that given the opportunity for students and staff to engage in an hour of self-selected, and self- directed work that may or may not be academic in nature, once a week, overall productivity and engagement in all other aspects of learning is increased.

January 28, 2022
Tomball High School Theatre & Choir Students Mentor 4th Graders in Performance of Seussical, The Musical


Tomball High School Theatre and Choir Departments joined together for the production of Seussical, The Musical. As an opportunity to expose younger students to the theatre world, THS invited fourth grade students from Decker Prairie Elementary, Tomball Elementary, Grand Oaks Elementary, Rosehill Elementary, Timber Creek Elementary, Creekview Elementary and Creekside Forest Elementary to participate in the show. 

Together, THS theatre students and these elementary students, produced five incredible performances of Seussical. Several students played Guppies in the production’s number of “It’s Impossible” and others played Cadets in the production’s number of “The Military”. These young students took on both singing and dancing in the show.

“The kids that were a part of our show loved being on stage and a part of the production,” Clint Cottom, THS Director of Theatre said. “They came off stage being so pleased with themselves and knowing they did a phenomenal job as Guppies and Cadets.”

By including these young students in a high school production, provided an opportunity for them to be exposed to an elective they don’t receive at the elementary level. It also exposed them to being on stage and what it is like in a high school theatre setting. 

The performance not only showcased a unified student effort, teaching them how to work as a team, but allowed the high school students a chance to serve as a mentor and share their love for theatre and choir with the elementary students. It also brought the community together through this upbeat, colorful musical about the world of Dr. Seuss!


January 21, 2022
Tomball Intermediate Celebrates Students through Various Types of Positive Referrals


Tomball Intermediate School has made an intentional effort to celebrate the small wins and big accomplishments of their students through positive referrals. This campus-wide initiative promotes positive behavior and can instantly improve a student’s mood and behavior while in school. 

By sending these positive referrals, home-to-school relationships are being built, a cohesive and valued school environment is being fostered, and students’ social emotional learning is being supported.

These referrals come in various ways, whether it is in front of the class or during Cougar Cafe. Some teachers even send positive referrals in a written form in the mail home to parents. Ms. Melissa Janezich, a sixth grade ELA teacher is one that sends notecards home in the mail, which has proven to be a thoughtful way to share her praise for each of her students throughout the year.

“I remembered how excited I was when I used to get happy notes in the mail from my teacher. This year, I bought postcards online and made it a goal to send those out once every other month. I want to make sure at some point every single one of my students has a positive postcard sent home to their parents because every child has something good about them that I can brag about,” Janezich said.

Students have reacted in such an authentic way to the positive referrals. Whether it's cheering on a classmate who received one or being surprised and excited that they were recognized for something positive.

This intentional effort by TIS is one of many ways Tomball ISD teachers and staff continue to praise the work its students do on a daily basis across the district.

For Janezich, the reason for doing this was simple: “I take the time to do this for my students because I want them to feel good about themselves and know that their hard work is being noticed, seen and appreciated.” 


January 14, 2022

Grand Lakes Junior High LOTC Cadets Give Back to Support Campus Custodians




Like many districts across the country, Tomball ISD is faced with staff shortages. Knowing this is occurring, Grand Lakes Junior High LOTC Cadets teamed up after winter break with the campus head custodian to help out. Each LOTC class assists the custodians in preparing and cleaning up for the next lunch after each lunch occurs. The group, if needed, also dedicates time helping clean classrooms, take out the trash, perform bathroom checks and restock. The LOTC Cadets have committed to helping out in any way possible.

Led by GLJHS Leadership Officer Training Corps teacher and Staff Sergeant Brittany Clark, this group has held multiple community service events throughout the year. 

“A large part of being a high-quality leader is serving your community and those around you. If you ask any one of my students who have completed a Saturday Community Service Event, they will tell you how much they love supporting our community. Most of them continually ask me if we will have more opportunities,” Clark said. 

When the group learned about custodian shortage, they knew that the best way to serve their community was by starting with their campus. 

“Our campus is our community, and if I try to teach my students anything, it's always to help others when you are able. They are truly leaders in the making and they absolutely enjoy being selfless. I think we underestimate the positive feelings that kids get when they get a chance to forget their own problems and to help others,” Clark said.


January 7, 2022

Tomball Memorial High School Celebrates Students Exhibiting Campus Core Values




Tomball Memorial High School staff recognizes and celebrates nearly 300 students for exhibiting its Campus Core Values. 

TMHS Core Values are (BE CATS):

  • Build Confidence (**WE BELIEVE prepared staff/students are the best staff/students)
  • Earn Respect (**WE BELIEVE in the power of personal connection)
  • Community (**WE BELIEVE a collaborative culture is key to high quality instruction)
  • Act with Integrity (**WE BELIEVE how you do anything is how you do everything)
  • Take Responsibility (**WE BELIEVE in taking initiative and a growth mindset)
  • Strive for Excellence (**WE BELIEVE in challenging the status quo) 

Each semester, teachers, administrators, counselors, custodians, cafeteria staff, substitutes and paraprofessionals all participate by recognizing at least two students each that they feel had exhibited the TMHS Core Values and had stepped up as leaders in the classroom or in the building that semester.

In December, over 280 students were nominated and celebrated with a card featuring the Core Values as well as encouraging words from the staff member. The students were also honored with a dessert and a gift card of choice.

As a campus, TMHS understands it is responsible for preparing well-rounded young men and women who have strong character traits and life skills to prepare them for when they leave TMHS and are out making their impact in the world. In addition, the campus knows it is important to celebrate and lift up everything positive that happens on campus and to show gratitude when TMHS students and staff embody what it means to be a Wildcat!

Led by Principal Dr. Jeff Bailey, TMHS makes student voice a priority. The campus has a Principal Student Advisory Committee made up of over 100 students. These students serve in leadership roles across all our organizations, and Dr. Bailey meets with them monthly to discuss different topics to help better improve the TMHS campus and support all students. This recognition idea came from one of those collaborative activities. 

Along with this larger recognition, TMHS also celebrates with weekly shouts.

At TMHS, character education and building strong relationships is one of the campus’ major goals in order to continue improving the overall culture of the school.

December 17, 2021

Wildwood Elementary Creates Culture of Reading within School Community through Raising Readers Night

Raising Readers WES

Wildwood Elementary has made it a priority on its campus to create a culture of reading in families and the community, ensuring that children have the tools they need to grow as readers. Through the campus’ Raising Readers, a free monthly family night, students are invited to participate in academic, artistic and physical activities throughout the building. During Raising Reader Nights families may checkout additional library books on a family account to read and share together at home.

All Wildwood students and their families are invited to attend. Former students have shared with the campus leaders that they love coming back to campus with their younger siblings to participate. We frequently see multiple generations of families attend Raising Readers whether its from grandparents, to baby brothers and sisters. Everyone who attends is encouraged to participate in the activities as they work their way around the building.

There is growing recognition that a partnership between families and school staff is not only required to achieve educational excellence for all children, but also to improve the overall culture of a campus. The WES staff has learned that Raising Readers is a great way to stay connected to its families and show them their enthusiasm for their children’s success.  Each month families interact with dedicated teacher volunteers and build relationships that will last for years as their children move through Tomball ISD schools.

Wildwood students are excited about participating at Raising Readers and showing off their school to their loved ones. The campus averages about 200 Wildwood students in attendance for our Raising Readers Nights and looks forward to welcoming more families each month as our program continues to grow throughout this year. Building relationships with its students and families while promoting literacy is what Wildwood Elementary and the library are all about.

December 10, 2021
Tomball Star Academy Enhances Campus Culture through ‘Motivational Mondays’


Tomball Star Academy has made an intentional effort to enhance campus culture by hosting ‘Motivational Mondays’. This initiative began with a group of teachers who wanted to enhance campus culture by building relationships with students, strengthening student character, and recognizing/celebrating its school community, including students and staff.

Motivational Mondays create a way for the TSA campus to start each week on a positive note. Character Strong plays an integral role in what makes up a Motivational Monday. TSA focuses on a character trait each month and they kick off each week by engaging in team building activities related specifically to those Character Strong traits. This allows students to connect with each other on a different level, it encourages the TSA juniors and seniors to embrace student leadership and lead the activities, and it is a huge part of the culture that makes Tomball Star Academy so special and unique.  

For example, in October, the Character Strong trait was “commitment.” The campus gathered as a whole in the gym, talked about commitment and broke students into groups (multi-grade levels). Each student shared with their group one thing in their school or personal life they wanted to improve and were committed to improving and/or changing. Each student then completed their commitment cards and shared their commitment card to an accountability partner within their group. The cards were collected, and the students were able to monitor their goals through their PCC (path college career) course.

In November, TSA focused on kindness. For Motivational Monday, they kicked the week off with a “Compliment Car Wash.” Students formed two lines and shouted compliments to the students who walked through the car wash. The whole campus then engaged in a canned food drive for the month of November and collected over 1,800 items for our local food bank as our campus act of Kindness.

Through Motivational Mondays, Tomball Star Academy has continued to embrace what truly makes this campus unique and special.

December 3, 2021

Northpointe Intermediate Encourages Running with “Run for Your Life” Girls Run Club


10 years ago, Northpointe Intermediate School teacher Susanne Whitley started “Run for Your Life”, an afterschool run club for any girl who attends NIS. She started this club because she wanted to share her love for running with others and instill in young ladies that running will develop strength, healthy lifestyles and friendships that will last a lifetime.  

Run Club NIS

“Run for Your Life” has grown into a popular club on campus with 68 members. They meet every Tuesday after school. Before every run, Whitley talks to the girls about encouraging others, positive self talk and pacing. She, along with other club sponsors, always join the girls every week in their run. 

The workouts include “Wildcats”, which are half-mile repeats around campus, runs around the bayou and sprints and track running. Each fall and spring semester, the club selects an organized run to participate in and this fall, the girls of “Run for Your Life” Run Club have selected to participate in the NIS ‘Deck the Trail’ 2.5 mile trail run. 

Also noteworthy is that four girls are chosen to serve as Captains because of their positivity, leadership and encouragement of others. 

November 19, 2021
Decker Prairie Elementary Connects with Families through Blackmon’s Bedtime Story

Like many of Tomball ISD’s campuses, Decker Prairie Elementary has made an intentional effort to connect with its families in a creative and innovative way by using technology all while inspiring a love for reading.

DPES Reading

Blackmon’s Bedtime Story, led by Principal Brenda Blackmon, began during COVID and continues today. The initiative is interactive as Principal Blackmon leads the charge by asking students questions, getting them to respond with answers, or respond with heart emojis. It truly has become a family event for the DPES school community. 

DPES reads approximately once a month on Facebook Live, working it around seasonal times to coordinate with books. It has become such a hit with the students and the overall school community that the students love to return to school and talk about it the next day. In an effort to support those who may have missed the reading on one specific night, DPES chooses to keep it on Facebook for an extended time. The school has often seen parents sharing the video with other families. 

When choosing which book to read, Principal Blackmon says “often they are books we have read with our own children or currently read with our own children.” The DPES librarian also helps us with great choices when needed.

November 12, 2021
Tomball ISD SROs Go Above & Beyond

School Resources Officers (SROs) are an important connection between our local law enforcement agencies and our students, staff and families. But in Tomball ISD, our SROs are more than that. 

SRO Reading

This group of individuals go above and beyond to dedicate their time to building relationships with our students and their families. They are caring and share their servant-minded hearts as mentors. You may see them in a classroom reading books, educating children on safety practices, cheering on a team at a game, eating at the cafeteria table or offering a sounding board to those students who need someone to listen. 

SROs play an integral role in the educational experience Tomball ISD offers its families and their continued engagement with each of their respective campuses, showcases the working relationship that Tomball ISD has built with the Tomball Police Department.

Thank you to our SROs: Keith Ferguson, Tomeko Henegan, Travendieal Foote, Matt Maglitto, Josh Littell, Mirando Torres, Courtnay White, Juliete Pommer, Tyson Hamilton.  

November 5, 2021
Canyon Pointe Elementary’s Wellness Room

Canyon Pointe Elementary campus leaders have made an intentional effort to invest in self-care by offering their staff a wellness room on campus to use throughout the school day.   

CPES Wellness Room

Like many of the Tomball ISD schools, CPES strives to foster a work environment that promotes high expectations and provides attention to each staff member’s personal well-being.

The Wellness Room is strategically located next door to the counselor’s office and provides a relaxing space for any staff member that needs a break, needs privacy or just needs to relax. 

October 29, 2021
Creekside Forest Elementary Peanut Butter Drive

The Creekside Forest Elementary School community stepped up and answered the Peanut Butter Drive call once again, producing 6,600 jars of peanut butter equating to 12,142 pounds, all of which were donated to local, non-profit organizations.

CFES PB Display

Purpose of the Drive: Through the Great Expectations program, students learn so much more than what can be found in a textbook. They learn life principles such as the importance of compassion, responsibility, how to be a good friend, why it is important to be honest and as seen through the Peanut Butter Drive, acts of service.

About the CFES Peanut Butter Display: Each year the CFES school community produces a display, located inside the front hallway of the school, of the peanut butter jars donated. This year, the 6,600 jar peanut butter display showcases a theme of different modes of air transportation. Playing off Destination Excellence, each mode of transportation represents education in some way and as expressed through creativity, ‘the knowledge acquired today will take you to your ‘destination’ tomorrow’. 

Creekside Forest Elementary teamed up with Creekview Elementary and Creekside Park Junior High in this year’s initiative to support those in need.

After showcasing the show-stopping amount of jars, the peanut butter will be donated to local, non-profit organizations:

  • Over 8,000 pounds to to Tomball Emergency Assistance Ministries (TEAM)
  • 1,125 pounds to Montgomery County Food Bank, by H-E-B, on behalf of Tomball ISD
  • Over 3,000 pounds to Keep Us Fed Montgomery County