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Destination Tomball ISD

In Tomball ISD, we’re not a big, impersonal school district.  We’re a home for people looking for a warm, close-knit community where teachers, principals, staff, and administrators truly care about each individual child.  We are also a destination for strong academic programs and a wide variety of extracurricular activities.  Our focus is to make sure that every student finds a place to belong, a passion to pursue, and a love for learning that will serve them well beyond the years they spend with us.


You may have noticed that we adopted a new logo and tagline, Destination Excellence.  We have a reputation for excellence that makes us proud and attracts families to live in our community to send their children to our schools.  However, we never rest on our laurels.  We are continually moving forward and striving to be better.


We hope this campaign will help people better understand who we are and what we offer.  This fall and spring, you will see videos and banners featuring students, teachers, families, and outstanding programs.  Please watch and share our videos!  We feel Tomball ISD truly embodies the campaign platform: “Not just a district, a destination.”  We hope you feel the same.


Child Nutrition at Decker Prairie

She leads the way in Child Nutrition at Decker Prairie Elementary but the impact she has in the school goes above and beyond that each day for #TeamTomball.


Fine Arts in Tomball ISD:

We focus on inspiring the individual artist to lead in creating the future by encouraging an appreciation of the arts. Outstanding fine arts programs are just a piece of what makes Tomball ISD a destination for excellence.


Elise Colin:

Tomball ISD fosters individual potential and inspires student development to positively impact society.


Coach Codutti:

Dedication to the development of the whole child is what makes Tomball ISD a destination district.


Gianna Sperduti:

Students in Tomball ISD are able to grow their confidence which empowers them to volunteer and gain opportunities to pursue their passion. 


Students Explore Their Creativity in Our Fine Arts Programs:

In Tomball ISD, teachers want every student to find a home in the arts. From drawing and painting to theatre and music, fine arts allows students to explore their creativity and express emotion.


Tomball Star Academy – Teachers & Students Make Learning Fun:

At Tomball Star Academy, a spirit of camaraderie among teachers and students makes learning fun and exciting! Learn more and apply now through January 5, 2018. http://bit.ly/TomballSA

Tomball Star Academy:

Do you know a soon-to-be high school freshman who likes to be challenged and thrives in a small learning environment? Tomball Star Academy might be a great fit. Students can also earn up to two years of college credits free of charge. Learn more and apply now through Jan. 5. http://bit.ly/TomballSA 

Patterson Family at Rosehill Elementary School:

The Patterson family found their dream school in Tomball ISD and bought a house.  Click on the video below to find out why the Patterson family set their sights on Rosehill Elementary School for their daughter Julianne.



Project Lead The Way at Tomball Memorial High School:

School doesn’t have to be boring.  When students are able to work in teams to build a bridge or a robot, it sparks passion for the project and pride in a job well done.  Project Lead The Way is an engineering class offered in Tomball ISD that gives students hands-on, real-world experiences and develops skills that prepare them for life after high school.  And they have fun doing it.