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Referrals can be made to your campus anytime during the year.
A student will only be tested once in any given 12 month period.

Fall Testing 

Fall testing is for any new student, 1st-12th grade, who recently enrolled in TISD for the beginning of the new school year. 

If your child was in the gifted program at their prior school, please contact your campus to review your child's testing information.  If further testing is needed, it will be completed in the Fall semester. 

To make testing referrals, please contact your campus counselor or GT Specialist.

Results will be reported to parents after the test results are complete and reviewed by the GT committee. Test results are delivered in writing to parents.

*Parents need to be aware that if their student is tested in the Fall semester but does not qualify, then their child may not be tested again until the Spring of the next school year.

Parents may opt to have their student tested during the referral window for the Spring semester as it will allow your child more time to acclimate and feel secure with their new environment.


Please note that if your child is enrolling in grades K-6 and has testing data from a prior school district, we will assess the data, but it may be necessary for us to complete additional testing in TISD in order to follow TISD GT qualification guidelines.


Spring Testing 

Kindergarten Screening & Testing

Kindergarten screening for Gifted & Talented services will be conducted automatically during the fall semester. There is no action required on the part of Kindergarten parents.  

If a Kindergarten student meets the minimum criteria on the screening tasks, parents will be notified in writing that he/she qualifies for further testing, and parents will receive required forms to complete and return to your campus GT Specialist.

Assessments will be conducted, completed and parents will receive results before March 1st.

Qualifying students will begin G/T services on March 1st.


Spring Testing (Grades 1-12) Current TISD students

The deadline to refer students for Gifted and Talented testing: by noon (12:00 pm) March 5, 2022.

*Referrals will not be accepted following the deadline.


->Parents, teachers, the student, and peers may refer a student for testing.


Results will be reported to parents after May 7th, 2022.

If you would like to refer your child for GT testing, and your child has not received either Ability or Achievement testing within the last 12 months, then you must complete a Permission to Test/GT Nomination and Parent Inventory form that can be received from your campus counselor or GT Specialist, then submit them to your child's campus GT Specialists (where applicable) or campus counselor.

Results may be reviewed with the campus by appointment.

If you wish to appeal the Selection Committee’s decision, you will need to complete the appeal form attached on the Tomball ISD website below, no later 15 business days from the date on the notification letter.

Submit any additional data to: Dr. Ashley Schlafly , Director of Advanced Academics

Appeal submission address: 310 S. Cherry Street Tomball, TX 77375