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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my child be tested?
Students who are brand new to Tomball ISD can be tested in the Fall. 
All other students in grades 1st-6th can be referred to be tested in the Spring beginning in March.

How does my child get referred to be tested for GT?
A parent can refer their child or a teacher can refer the child. Let your child's teacher or the campus GT Specialist know that you would like your child to be tested.  Students may also refer themselves.
Referrals can be made anytime during the year by notifying your counselor (K-12) or campus GT Specialists (K-6), however all testing will follow the designated time frames.

How often can my child be tested?
Once per year (in a 12-month period)

Is my child ever automatically tested?
Only for Kindergarten.  All kindergartners are screened throughout the fall semester. Any necessary testing will be administered in December and January. 

How is my child serviced?
All students who qualify for the GT program are placed into a certified GT teacher's classroom. These teachers have received GT certification or 30 hours of training and take update hours every year. Teachers differentiate daily instruction to meet the individual needs of each child. In Tomball ISD, grades K-6 also have a campus based GT Specialist that provides the campus with instructional support to the GT teachers, they test and identify GT students, and work with GT students. GT Specialists may work with GT students in their content classrooms and/or pulled out into their classroom. Their focus is to provide depth and complexity to the district curriculum to help foster the enrichment of the gifted students.

After signing papers for my child to be tested, how long will it take?
6 - 12 weeks for the testing to take place and for the Campus and/or District Selection Committee to make decisions.

If identified, when will services begin?
Those new to district who are identified in the fall will begin services immediately. Services for identified kindergartners  begins March 1st. Students who are identified through spring testing will begin services the following school year.

Once identified, will my child ever need to be retested?
When identified as GT, a student may be identified in various areas (reading, math, science, and/or social studies). A student may be retested for additional areas of achievement identification once a year as teacher/parent deems appropriate. A student is not retested in an area they have already qualified in unless they are experiencing difficulty or switch school districts (per that new district's policies and protocols).