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Parent Resources


Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) Parent Resources

The Language Proficiency Assessment Committees are charged with reviewing all pertinent information on all identified limited English proficient (LEP) students upon their initial enrollment and at the end of each school year. Districts are required to have on file policy and procedures for the selection, appointment, and training of members of the LPACs.


TELPAS is an assessment program for students in Texas public schools who are learning the English language. the Texas Education Agency developed TELPAS to meet state and federal testing requirements. Texas assesses English language learners annually in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students learning the English language begin participating in Texas in kindergarten and stop participating when their language proficiency assessment committee (LPAC) determines that they are proficient in the English language.



7 Great Resources for Parents of ELLs

Want to support your ELL students when they are away from the classroom? Promoting parental and community participation in ESL or Bilingual Programs for ELLs helps to ensure a rich learning environment at home.  Providing parents with resources like the ones below is a great way to help parents stay active in the education of their children: