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Collaborative Model

The Collaborative Model is provided for English Language acquisition for content support in general education classrooms.


This model is being implemented at the Intermediate, Junior High and High School campuses. The goal for this model is to have an ESL specialist and an academic classroom teacher provide instructional activities which include:

1) joint planning, 2) parallel teaching, 3) co-developing instructional materials and 4) co-teaching.


The collaborative model includes: 

• Integration instead of Isolation – students work cooperatively with peers during the course of the school day fostering English language development and reinforcing academic learning.
• Two teachers collaborating and co-teaching so as to provide an effective framework for integrated ESL practices to accommodate the academic, sociocultural, and linguistic needs of English language learners.
• Differentiated instruction for all, especially for ELLs.


This combination of skills provides English Language learners with high-level instructional supports for their continued progress in their content-area skills while they learn English.