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Languages Other Than English

The TISD program in other languages promotes understanding multicultural diversity as well as oral language proficiency. The junior high programs of study offer courses such as: Exploratory Languages, Intro to Spanish, Spanish 1, Spanish for Native Speakers 1/2 (1.0 HS Credit). High school students have a choice of studying Spanish, French, or German. The high school program stresses oral language proficiency in an interactive setting at various levels of difficulty. The goal for all levels of the program is to encourage students to work cooperatively with people from different cultures and to become aware of career opportunities involving a second language.


Learning a language other than English:

  • introduces students to other languages as a means of accessing other people's ideas and ways of thinking;
  • inspires interest in and respect for other cultures;
  • intersects with a range of communication technologies;
  • develops an array of transferable skills that support other areas of the curriculum.

These outcomes have far-reaching benefits for:

  • individual students, their families and communities;
  • TISD, in its vision of creating the future;
  • TISD's growing diverse cultural community;
  • TISD's position in the global community.

Effective Languages education is an integral part of a balanced school curriculum.

These include:

  • the ability to communicate within and across cultures
  • the development of language awareness and literacy skills and
  • the development of cognitive and critical thinking skills

Competence in a second language can also enhance employment and career prospects. As learners gain similar social, cognitive, linguistic and cultural benefits, all languages are equally valid.


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Chapter 114. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Languages Other Than English

Subchapter B. Middle School

Subchapter C. High School 
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