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Tomball Connections Academy

Tomball Connections Academy
Contact Information
Phone: 281-357-3281
Fax: 281-357-3291
Mission Statement

The mission of the Tomball Connections Academy is to connect students to the community, invest in their future, and encourage students to realize the best versions of themselves. 

School Profile
The Connections Academy provides specialized programs designed to help students accomplish academic and social success.  There are three programs at the Connections Academy:
Discipline Alternative Education Program (DAEP)  - The DAEP serves as a placement for students who have violated certain provisions of the Tomball ISD Student Code of Conduct.  The DAEP at the Connections Academy provides a positive, safe, caring environment that emphasizes the correlation between responsible behavior and academic improvement.

Success Academy - The Success Academy is a computer-based lab similar to the Grad Lab at Tomball High School and Tomball Memorial High School; however, students participate in this program during the full school day at the Connections Academy. To be considered for this program a student must meet the following requirements:
  • Have a minimum of 12 credit hours
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of high school completed
  • Have a good attendance history
  • Have a good discipline history
  • Be motivated and able to work independently.

Interested students should contact their counselor for an application to be considered for the Success Academy.  

Community Connections - 18+ programs for students with disabilities across the state are crucial in making sure all students and students’ families are prepared for life after graduation. The Community Connections program at the Connections Academy is an option for students who have completed their high school credit requirements and whose ARD committees have determined that the Community Connections program is appropriate as a member of the adult community. 

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