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What should I do if my child has a food allergy or food intolerance?
1. Contact the nurse at your child's school.
2. Give the nurse a doctor's note with your child's diagnosis.
3. The school nurse will forward the doctor's note to the Child Nutrition Registered Dietitian.
4. Any menu substitutions must be supported by a doctor's note on file with the Child Nutrition Office.
5. Parents can contact the Child Nutrition Registered Dietitian, Kevin White, with any questions or concerns about menu items.
How can I make deposits to my child's account?
Prepaying for lunch, breakfast, and/or a la carte items is an efficient way to pay for your student’s school meals. If paying by check, write the student’s or students’ name(s) and Student ID # on the "memo" section of the check. If paying by cash, enclose a piece of paper with the student’s or students’ name(s) and Student ID # with the money. We would encourage you to make deposits in the mornings before school. Any amount may be deposited on any day. The cashier will remind the student when his/her account balance is getting low. Payments may also be made online at

Tomball ISD holds a service agreement with School Cafe.  The School Café website and its contents are owned by Cybersoft. School Cafe will accept minimum combined payments of US$ 20.00 and a single maximum payment of up to US$ 200.00 per student per transaction. Individuals registered with School Café shall be charged a convenience fee of 5.0% for each transaction made using this service. This fee will be charged to the credit card or check card at the time of the transaction. Cybersoft will promptly notify individuals registering with School Café of any fees or charges the individual will incur by using the School Café services. For payments made via the School Cafe system the student balances will be updated within 24 hours from the time of transaction. 


What happens to money left in my child's account at the end of the school year?
If your child has money left in his/her account at the end of a school year, the money will be available on the first day of school the following year. This is true whether the child remains in the same school or moves to another Tomball school.


How do I get a refund for my child who is no longer in TISD Schools?

If you would like to refund your child's account please CLICK HERE and follow the information on the REFUND/TRANSFER REQUEST FORM.  Refunds will only be sent to the legal guardian. If you are a School Cafe user and utilize the Automatic Payment feature, please de-active before requesting the refund. Failure to do so will submit another payment.


Can I transfer the money to my other students in TISD?
Yes,please CLICK HERE and follow the information on the REFUND/TRANSFER REQUEST FORM.

What type of cash register system does the Child Nutrition Department use?
The Tomball ISD Child Nutrition Department utilizes a computerized cash register system. This system allows us to provide better service to both students and parents, as well as account for all meals served at each site. Each student is assigned a district student ID # when enrolled in school. During mealtime, students will key in their student ID # on a keypad. The current money balance in the student’s meal account will be shown on the register/Point of Sale (POS) screen. If an account has enough money, the transaction will be processed and the amount of the meal will be deducted from the student’s balance. If there is not enough money in the account, the student’s account will be debited and the account will be charged the remaining amount for the meal creating a negative balance. Students may charge up to the value of two breakfast and lunches. An automated phone call and email from School Messenger will occur that evening and continue daily until the negative balance is paid.
What happens if someone uses my child's account?
Each cafeteria transaction is made using Student ID # unique to each child. When a transaction is made, the cashier identifies the student with their name and photo attached to the account. A parent can always ask for a detailed report to monitor activity on their student’s account. To request this information, please call or email the cafeteria manager. Account transactions can also be viewed using
Please remember that the Student ID # issued belongs to your son or daughter. This ID # is confidential and should not be shared with other students. When your student keys in his/her ID #, your student’s name will also appear on the screen. It would be helpful if you would discuss with your child that their ID # needs to be kept confidential. Please contact the Child Nutrition Department if you feel someone may be using your child’s ID # for cafeteria purchases. An investigation will follow.
What is the borrowing policy (grace period/charge limit) for the Child Nutrition Department?
The Tomball ISD Child Nutrition Department will allow students to borrow money up to the value equivalent of 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches which should allow time for the parents to be notified that the child needs money. If a student account exhausts the grace period/charge limit, the student must select a peanut butter and jelly or toasted cheese sandwich entrée for lunch and/or a cereal entrée for breakfast until the negative balance is paid. The Tomball ISD Child Nutrition Department does not allow borrowing at any time for the purchase of a la carte items. Borrowed funds are only used for meal purchases. An automated phone call and email from School Messenger will occur daily until the negative balance is paid.

Will my child have the same Student ID # while enrolled in TISD?
Student ID #’s stay with your child throughout their Tomball ISD education. 
How can I limit what my child can purchase from his/her account?
Purchasing restrictions can be made using
*Please note, restrictions are not for food allergy information. Food Allergy information must be submitted to the school nurse and the Child Nutrition Registered Dietitian, Kevin White.
What information should I put on a check for meals?
Checks should be made out to Tomball ISD Child Nutrition or the campus cafeteria and include the student name(s) and the student ID #(s) in the memo section.
Why do faculty, staff, and visitors pay more for meals than students?
According to federal regulations "breakfasts and lunches served to teachers, administrators, custodians and other adults must be priced so that the adult payment in combination with any other revenue is sufficient to cover the overall cost of the lunch, including the value of any USDA entitlement and bonus donated foods used to prepare the meal." The Child Nutrition Department receives reimbursement for meals served to children. The value of this reimbursement and donated commodities must not be used to subsidize adult meals.
Why was my child limited to a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich or Toasted Cheese Sandwich meal for lunch OR a Cereal meal for breakfast?
Your child may have been limited to a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich or Toasted Cheese Sandwich meal for lunch OR a cereal meal for breakfast if he/she has reached the borrowed limit (grace period/charge limit), the value of two breakfasts and two lunches.

What are the current meal prices?

Breakfast Prices:
Pre-K $0.00
Elementary/Intermediate $1.25
Junior High $1.50
High School $1.75
Adult/Visitor $2.35
Lunch Prices:
Pre-K $0.00
Elementary/Intermediate $2.50
Junior High $2.75, Premium $3.25
High School $3.00, Premium $3.50, Premium Plus $3.75
Adult/Visitor $3.75, Premium $4.25, Premium Plus $4.75