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Bus Rider Rules

Bus Rider Rules

Be at the bus stop early, at least 7 minutes before the scheduled time of arrival. The driver will not honk or wait. Never run after the bus if you are late. The driver may not see you, and you could slip and fall under the wheels.

Students will be picked up and dropped off at their designated bus stops only. Drivers do not assign bus stops; the Routing Office assigns bus stop. Please call Transportation for additional information.

Wait for the bus in a safe place, at least 10 ft. from the roadway, in a single file line. Do not move towards the bus, until the bus has come to a complete stop. A car may hit you if you are too close to the road.

Sit down as soon as possible, the bus will not move until all students are seated. There may be other students waiting to get on the bus. If it takes too long for everyone to board, cars get impatient and go around the bus. Someone could get hit if this happens.

Stay seated at all times. “back to back” and “bottom to bottom”. Take off your backpack and put it in your lap. Backpacks may not block the aisle or any exit.

If you must cross the road, move 15 ft. in front of the bus and wait for the driver to signal you that it is safe to cross. Look both ways before crossing the roadway.

Stop if the driver honks while you are crossing in front of the bus. This may prevent a car from hitting you. NEVER cross behind the bus.

Keep hands, arms, and head inside of the bus at all times.

To protect student’s breathing passages or airways, no food or drink, water is allowed, is permitted on any regular or special needs bus including field trips.

Listen to the bus driver and follow directions for your safety. The driver will assign seats and may change at their discretion. Students are required to sit in their assigned seat at all times. Normal conversation is permitted. Any loud noise that may distract the driver and create an unsafe condition is prohibited.

Enter and leave the bus carefully using the handrail. Please use caution as any dangling object from a backpack or jacket could be hazardous.


Mask/Face Shields

All students are required to wear a mask or face shield at all times on the bus.


Cell Phones:

Cell phones may be used for entertainment purposes ONLY. Headphones are required at all times. Sharing a cell phone or headphones is not permitted. Taking photos or videos is not permitted. Violations will result in a bus referral.

Parents are responsible for the safety of their child(ren):

  •     Between the residence and the bus stop
  •     While waiting for the bus
  •     Between the bus stop and the residence
  •     Parents are responsible for the behavior of their child(ren)

Parents of Pre-k through 1st graders will receive a release form from the Driver. Please return this form timely. Pre-K through 1st graders must be met at the Bus with a parent/guardian or authorized person.

All rules apply on field trips or school sponsored events.

  •     Discipline will be the responsibility of the sponsor and bus driver.
  •     Drivers will provide emergency exit information to students prior to departure.

Band instruments – students enrolled in band are encouraged to bring their instruments on the bus. Instruments must be transported in the seat with the student, and they must not block the aisle or exits.

Prohibited items:
No live or dead animals of any kind, including fish, birds, and/or reptiles are permitted on the bus at any time. Cigarette lighters, matches, tabacco, and vapes are not permitted on the bus.

Students are not allowed to use pens, pencils or any other sharp objects on the bus. These objects can become projectiles in the event of a crash, not only causing injuries but damage to school bus seats and equipment

Behavior Standards – The school bus is an extension of the classroom. All district policies that apply to student conduct apply to the school bus. Rules are to be followed to ensure every passenger’s safety. The district has a “Step Plan”, allowing students to make their own choices regarding their future riding privileges. If a student chooses to ignore bus rules jeopardizing the safety of passengers or the driver, action must be taken.

The following behavior management techniques may be used to gain a student’s adherence to district safety rules:

  •     Verbal warnings
  •     Different bus seat assignment
  •     Detention hall
  •     In school suspension
  •     Short and long term suspension from the bus
  •     Permanent removal from the bus
  •     Police citations

Discipline Step Plan:

Minor Infractions – are defined as:

  •     Excessive noise
  •     Standing up or moving about the bus
  •     Any eating or drinking on the bus
  •     “Horseplay”
  •     Throwing small objects, etc.

These types of infractions will result in the following consequences –

  • Driver provides up to two verbal warnings, during a “one on one” meeting with student, after all others have exited the bus. Driver documents behavior and warnings in the Daily Journal.
  • If misbehavior continues, driver calls parent to request assistance in correcting student’s misbehavior.
  • Driver will document date & time of phone contact and prepare an “Initial Safety Report”, describing behavior of child. A copy will be mailed to the parent.
  • If misbehavior continues, driver prepares a “Safety Report” describing behavior, attaches all previous documentation of student’s behavior, and sends it to the child’s principal for further action.

Major Violations – are defined as:

  • Threatening, profane, or abusive language directed at any person.
  • Alcohol, tobacco or drugs on bus or on person.
  • Disrupting Public Transportation (Class “A” Misdemeanor)
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Vandalism to district vehicles. Student and/or parent is financially responsible for damage
  • Fighting- All parties involved in fight are reported, parents contacted.
  • Laser lights will be prohibited.
  • Failure to co-operate or identify oneself to driver.

The above Major Infractions will result in temporary suspension from bus and possible police citations, dependent upon severity of infraction. Parents are notified of any suspensions by the building principal or designee.


Items left on the Bus-

Transportation employees are not responsible for any items left on the bus.

Video monitoring systems
Video cameras with audio recording capabilities may be used on each bus during routes and on trips.

Students who remain after school for activities and ride a late run bus must follow the bus rider rules. Failure to follow the rules may result in disciplinary consequences including suspension of bus riding privileges. If a student is suspended from riding a regular bus, he/she will not be able to ride a late run bus. The routing of these buses will differ and are intended only to put students within a close proximity of their home.

Emergencies and Evacuation Drills

The district will provide Emergency Evacuation drills. In the event of a real emergency, follow the direction of the driver. In most cases, passengers will remain onboard the bus.
If evacuation is necessary:

  • The students nearest the emergency doors, windows and hatches will open them and hold them open.
  • Evacuation will start with the students nearest the exits.
  • Students will leave quickly in a single file per exit.
  • Once outside, students will stay in a group and follow the driver’s instructions.