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Dear Parent:

Welcome to another exciting school year! Tomball ISD operates an extensive student transportation program as part of the overall education process.


The goal of the Transportation Center is to deliver safe, reliable, on-time service for each student to and from school. To ensure student safety, the district provides well-trained, qualified drivers that operate safe, well-maintained school buses. Your child’s safety is our foremost priority.

Student Management:

Transportation would like to communicate to you the expectations of your child while riding a TISD school bus and the consequences for not abiding by the safety rules. Parents need a direct relationship with the driver in order to feel part of the overall Transportation Program. TISD respects this need by having a comprehensive Student Management program.
In order to avoid delaying the buses on their time schedule, please call Transportation when you wish to speak to a driver.
During the first couple of weeks of school, a “Registration Card” will be given to your child(ren) to be filled out and returned to the driver within one or two days. The card also includes the bus rules for the school year. Please read these rules and discuss them with your child to ensure that he/she understands them. The district provides busing as a courtesy to its students; it is not required to provide busing for any students. Riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right. When students abuse the privilege through inappropriate behavior on the bus, it endangers other students, as well as themselves and could result in suspension of bus privileges.

Late Run Activity Buses and Tutorials:

The Tomball ISD Transportation Center is one of the few smaller districts that provide late run buses so that High School, Junior High and Intermediate students have the opportunity to be involved in extra-curricular activities.

With your assistance, this school year will be safe and successful for all TISD students. Please call the phone number listed below with any questions.

Beverly Beisert
Director of Transportation

Our Mission for Transportation is to safely transport our children for tomorrow's future with highly trained professionals practicing the highest level of safety and care of all students for which we take responsibility for on a daily basis.

Dispatch (Main Number) 281-357-3193
1055 Baker Drive
Tomball, TX 77375-4307
281-357-3193 Phone
281-357-3272 Fax

Beverly Beisert
Director of Transportation
Office 281-357-3193 x 6107
Dyna Bigley
Assistant Director
Office 281-357-3193 x 6105
Lynnette McCormick
Transportation Supervisor
Office 281-357-3193 x 6114
DeShaun Washington
Transportation Supervisor
Office 281-357-3193 x 6103
Bullet Fenske
Transportation Supervisor
Office 281-357-3193 x 6121
Dr. Steven Gutierrez
Chief Operating Officer
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