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How Do I Become a Vendor?

Presently, the Tomball ISD Purchasing Department in itself does not actually purchase any products or services.
Purchasing decisions are made by individual campuses and departments.
Sales calls should be directed to the appropriate department or campus. The Purchasing Department checks for compliance with applicable laws and policies and financial coding. The purchasing department qualifies vendors for categories that exceed the expenditure threshold amount provided by law.

If you wish to become a vendor, please mail, e-mail or fax a completed Vendor Application Form to this office. You will be placed on a mailing list to receive a bid packet when, and if, TISD publishes a bid or request for proposal (RFP) for products in the categories you have listed that your company may provide. You may then contact this office to check for compliance with bid laws in the category addressed.
Categories possibly requiring a published bid or RFP (varies and is subject to change):
  • Transportation
  • Maintenance
  • Custodial
  • Charter Bus
  • Elevator Maintenance
  • Pest Control
  • Lawn and Field Maintenance
  • Fire Alarms, Extinguishers, Suppression Service and Equipment
  • Uniform Rental
Any vendor who wishes to do business with Tomball ISD is required to complete a vendor application.
Be advised that much of our purchasing and vendor database is comprised of vendors listed on various cooperative purchasing agreements throughout the state.  Visit our cooperative purchasing program page for details.
A Sole Source vendor is one that is the ONLY source for the product desired in the United States. Identification and confirmation of sole source status is determined by the existence of a patent, copyright, secret process or monopoly. The district must receive the original, notarized documentation from the vendor stating reasons they qualify as a sole source vendor. A notarized letter from the company may also be accepted as proof of a sole source. Sole Source letters are valid for three (3) years from the sign date on the form or letter.
A notarized sole source affidavit must be returned along with the vendor application form to be considered as a vendor.
Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor for Tomball ISD. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
NOTE: Submitting a vendor application does not guarantee any level of business expenditure or award by the District.
(must be notarized prior to submittal):