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Facility Study Steering Committee

If approved by voters, this bond proposal will not result in an increase in the total tax rate.


FSSC meeting photoThe bond proposal was developed by the Facility Study Steering Committee (FSSC) which was formed to study the rapid growth and facility needs in the district and to make a recommendation to the board of trustees. The 24-member committee was comprised of parents, community members, business partners; and TISD educators. The FSSC was tasked with keeping within a framework of eight charges, including; considering the educational needs of all students, facility needs based on growth, support for all programs – co-curricular and extracurricular, balancing educational goals against taxpayer resources, while keeping community values in mind.

The committee analyzed current enrollment, school capacities, and demographic projections; studied the state’s school funding process and district financial data; toured campuses, evaluated future facility needs, and prioritized projects. Following months of review, discussion and consideration, the committee presented its recommendations to the TISD Board on August 9.

Based on the recommendations from the FSSC, the TISD Board of Trustees voted to call for a $567.56 million bond election that will go before voters on November 2, 2021. The bond proposal is made up of five propositions in order to comply with a new law that requires certain projects to be listed separately on the ballot.

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