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The Importance of an Education Rich in Fine Arts

 The fine arts – visual arts, dance, music and theater - are an integral component in every person’s daily life. Our personal, social, economic, and cultural environments are filled with the arts. Learning in the arts cultivates the whole child, gradually building multiple literacies while fostering intuition, reasoning, imagination, and creativity. Arts education encourages students to think and perceive in a variety of ways. The arts help students build the bridge between verbal and non-verbal communication, between what is logical and what is emotional. The arts communicate ideas that words cannot express. The arts reach inside each of us and touch our souls in ways that cannot be defined except through that art. The arts teach self-discipline, reinforce self-esteem, and foster the thinking skills and creativity that world leaders define as most valuable in our global future. The arts teach the importance of teamwork and cooperation. They demonstrate the direct connection between study, hard work, discipline and high levels of achievement. Learning the arts at a young age - and continuing for a lifetime - make all students better students, make all people better people. The arts are good for everyone, not just for those who think of themselves as artists.

Fine Arts instruction is available to all of our students. Special instruction and private lessons in band and choir are available to students in grades 6-12. The work of our students is displayed in several venues such as music performances, theatre productions, and arts shows. All of our fine arts departments participate in contests where our students consistently win awards in both individual and group competition.

In the spring of each year the annual Fine Arts Festival, a district-wide recognition of the arts, is held to provide students and employees the opportunity to display their talents in the visual and performing arts.