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Information, Guidelines & Expectations

1. UIL Residency Requirements
  • UIL residency requirements call for students to live with their parent or legal guardian inside Tomball ISD attendance boundaries in order to participate in UIL events. There are very few exceptions to this rule.
  • Very strict rules exist regarding students or parents moving from one district to another during the student’s high school career.
    Students, 8 through 12, who are new to TISD must inform that sport’s coach and have a Previous Athletic Participation Form on file prior to participating in any contest. PAPF's are to be completed by parents and campus coordinators or the District Athletic Director, not building administrators.
  • Failure to abide by residency requirements will, at the very least, cause forfeiture of any contest in which the student participated.

2. Physical (sports physical packet may be found on the TISD website)
  • TISD requires that every athlete, grades 7 – 12, have a physical every year. The athletic department sponsors a day each spring, usually in May, when doctors come to the school and perform physicals for approximately $20 per student. Students and parents will be notified by flyers at grades 6 –8, on the school announcements, etc.
  • The Athletic Department will recognize physicals taken from May of one year to the end of the following school year as the official duration a physical is valid. No student will be allowed to try out, practice, even during the athletic period, or compete without a UIL recognized physical being on file when school begins.
  • UIL (University Interscholastic League) requires that all physicals be completed on the form designed by the UIL. Students may go to any doctor but the UIL Form must be used. These forms are available at the Athletic Office, the schools and the athletic website.

3. Medical Emergency Form (included in the sports physical packet)

A Medical Emergency Form, to be used in case of injury to any athlete, is required by TISD and UIL to be completed annually.
In the event that emergency information changes during the school year, contact the athletic trainer at your school or feeder school.

4. Acknowledgement of Rules and other UIL required forms (included in the sports physical packet)

The UIL requires an Acknowledgement of Rules to be signed by the student and parent(s) and turned in by the first contest.
Forms must be on file in the athletic office in order for the student to be eligible to participate in a contest.

5. TISD random drug test form required for all High School UIL competitors.
6. Athletic Activity Fee and Additional Cost
  • The TISD Athletic Department charges each athlete, 7th – 12th grade, an Activity Fee of $20 for High School and Junior High Students. The fee is collected at the beginning of each school year or the start of each sport's season.
  • State regulations require anything bought with school district funds to remain in the district and may not be given to employees or students. Because of this, many of the sports ask students to buy items that are not to be reissued from year to year, such as game day shirts or hats, which the students can keep at the end of the season.
  • If this causes undue hardship on a family they may make other arrangements by contacting the Athletic Director.

7. Transportation

Tomball ISD will provide transportation to and from all competitions. Athletes are required to ride TISD transportation. Exceptions to this requirement must be requested in writing from the parent or guardian of the athlete and must be approved by the coach in charge before the student leaves the contest. Athletes may only be released to parents if the coach grants an exception. Tomball ISD does not provide transportation specifically for athletes to or from after school practices.

8. Athletic Team Membership
  • TISD Athletic Department only sponsors athletic teams that compete under the UIL Charter.
  • TISD athletic teams include volleyball and softball, football and baseball, golf, cross-country, tennis, soccer, swimming/diving, basketball, and track.
  • Team membership is determined by tryouts in some sports and by students requesting membership in others. Coaches of a particular sport will determine the selection process, evaluate students and select team members.
  • The coach or coaches of a particular sport determine position and the amount of playing time an athlete plays. Ability, practice and game performance will be the major determining factors in establishing playing time.
  • There are 4 levels of teams on which a student may participate:
    • Varsity – team composition could be made of 9th through 12th graders.
    • Junior Varsity – team composition could be made up of 9th through 11th graders.
    • Sophomore Team – team composition could be made of 9th & 10th graders.
    • Freshman – team composition made of 9th graders.
  • Students are expected to complete the school year in the sport or sports in which they are accepted. If they chose not to complete the school year or are dismissed from the team the consequences will range from having to tryout for that sport the following year to not being allowed to compete in that sport the following year. Students and/or parents must contact the head coach to ensure they understand the consequences prior to quitting any sport.
  • If a sport has an athletic period during the school day. A student’s placement in the athletic period is done through that student’s counselor using guidelines established by the coach of that sport and the counseling office.
  • Only students who are on an athletic team will be allowed to use the dressing facilities at the field house or gym complex.

9. Multiple Sport Athletes and Other Activities
Students may participate in more than one sport or be involved in other school organizations while participating in athletics. Parents and students should understand that the closer a student gets to participating at the varsity level in a sport the more difficult it becomes to participate in other activities because of the skill level and time commitment required of varsity athletes.

10. Coach/Parent/Student Expectations
  1. Coaches, parents and athletes will follow UIL, District and School rules and policies.
  2. Coaches, parents, and athletes are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship.
  3. Coaches, parents, and athletes are encouraged to communicate with each other. Clear communication helps everyone understand each other’s position. Appropriate concerns to discuss with coaches are: coaches’ interaction with your child, ways to help your child improve athletic skills, and your child’s interaction with others. Coaches will not discuss a student with anyone but that student’s parent without the parent’s permission.
  4. Parents should follow these procedures for communications:
    • Do not attempt to confront a coach before or after a contest or practice.
    • Request a time to meet with a coach.
    • If a coach can’t be reached, contact the Campus Athletic Coordinator or the Athletic Director.
  5. Team membership is defined as being selected by the coach to participate as a member of the team. Participation is defined as involvement in practices and workouts, team activities other than games, and contest participation. Participation on a team is not solely defined as playing in a game or match. All team members make a contribution to the team, not just those who start or play a majority of the time.
  6. All UIL/TISD athletic programs are team oriented with district championships and post season play occurring only at the varsity level.
  7. The TISD Athletic Department structures the program so that a varsity team can achieve the goal of being named district champion or progress in post-season UIL competition.
  8. Students who chose to discontinue playing or are dismissed from a sport may play another sport during the current school year under certain conditions. A conference with the head coach of the sport the student wishes to play will be required.
  9. Parents will be notified if an athlete decides to discontinue or is required to discontinue participation in a sport.