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Complex Rules

TISD Athletics Complex Rules

The following items are NOT permitted in the TISD Facilities:

Alcoholic beverages                                           Distribution of literature

Controlled Substances                                       Outside food or drinks

Tobacco Products (including vaping)                  Weapons

Pets                                                                     Balls of any type

Noise makers                                                      Balloons

Skateboards                                                        Frisbees

Whistles                                                               Ice chest/coolers

Game Day Football Information & Procedures
  1. Gates open 1 hour prior to game time and ½ hour prior to all other sports.
  2. Reserved seating tickets for home varsity football games will be sold on the west side of the stadium from the South booth and general admission tickets will be sold in the two other booths.
  3. Tickets: Cash only. No refunds or exchanges. NO RE-ENTRY! If you leave the football stadium for any reason, you will have to purchase another ticket to come back in.
  4. Spectators must sit in stands and keep out of aisles and off rails.
  5. Code of conduct violations by TISD students will be reported to campus administration for disciplining action. Patrons must enter and remain fully clothed at all times.
  6. Spectators may not bring food or drinks into the facilities.
  7. Large bags, coolers/ice chests are prohibited. All bags and purses may be inspected for security purposes.
  8. State laws and school district policies will be in effect concerning alcoholic beverages and controlled substances.
  9. No music may be broadcast in the stadium, except through the stadium speaker system or live music from the school bands.
  10. Food, drinks, gum, sunflower seeds are prohibited at all times around or on the field area.
  11. No fires are permitted on school property.
  12. Only adults will be allowed to cross over for half time shows, and must be accompanied by a school sponsor.
  13. Victory lines are only allowed by uniformed support groups.
  14. Only authorized personnel will be allowed on the track and field. Passes must be worn and visible at all times.
  15. All additional recognition events at the stadium need prior approval by the District Athletic Director’s office, 2 weeks in advance.
  16. All fund-raising activities taking place at the stadium need prior approval two weeks in advance of the event from the District Athletic Director’s office.
  17. All stadium or field use should be scheduled through the District Athletic Director’s office.