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How much Spanish instructional time will my child receive?

Beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through Fifth Grade, all core content subjects (Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies) are taught 50% in Spanish and 50% in English. Reading/Language Arts instruction is given daily.


What are the criteria for selection in the Two-Way Dual Language Program?

Oral Language Proficiency • Academic Screeners


In what grade are students enrolled?

Students are enrolled in the program in Kindergarten.


If my child is zoned to another school, can they be considered for the program?

Students entering kindergarten in our district and outside our district may apply for the Two-Way Dual Language Academy.


If I have another child in Elementary School, will they be eligible to attend Rosehill?

Yes, pending space.


Is it a requirement that one of the parents speaks a second language at home?



How long will it take my child to acquire a second language?

Initially, your child will learn to to understand the second language and then learn to speak the language.  Research says that your child will become fully bilingual and biliterate within 5-7 years.


Are student expectations for learning different in a dual language program?

No, students will be expected to master the same Texas Knowledge and Essential Skills (TEKS) required by the state of Texas.

Language is taught through all academic contents.


Where will the two-way dual language be offered?

Rosehill Elementary School