TISD Develops Leaders through Great Expectations® Summer Institute Training

TOMBALL - As the 2021-2022 academic school year approaches, Tomball ISD continues to strive on its belief that culture cultivates character and accountability and with that, over 500 TISD staff members attend the in-district Great Expectations (GE) Summer Institute with a focus on achieving excellence in learning and living.

Staff and teachers from every GE school in Tomball ISD are represented at the week-long professional development training program, hosted by the organization at Creekside Park Junior High.

Following this training, all 11 Tomball ISD elementary schools and all three intermediate schools will have adopted the Great Expectations model, which enables character building while developing a learning climate geared towards the entire academic environment. 

In August 2021, Rosehill Elementary and Northpointe Intermediate will begin the GE journey. Of the 12 current GE schools, eight are Model GE Schools, meaning that based on an evaluation from GE Instructors, 90% of the staff members are implementing 100% of the GE practices.

“Great Expectations truly can transform a campus culture and refine the focus on academic excellence and promote a culture of respect through consistent and powerful expectations and practices,” said Dr. Lee Wright, TISD Assistant Superintendent of Strategic Innovation.

GE instructors, teachers and educators from around the country have brought a fresh learning perspective to Tomball ISD and principals from each of these GE campuses joined their new staff in the classrooms, participating in a variety of character-building exercises and new approaches to learning and living.

The Great Expectations summer training helps guide and teach a model that is instrumental in developing and promoting self-esteem, attendance, discipline and parent participation which ultimately improves the entire academic experience for the student and educator.

“We are blessed that starting this school year, every elementary and intermediate campus in Tomball ISD will be a GE school,” said Wright. “For the first time, we hosted two different GE Summer Institutes to ensure all staff members are prepared to cultivate the GE culture and collaborate with their colleagues to advance this major district initiative.”

From GreatExpectations.org 
Great Expectations® (GE) is a professional development program that provides teachers and administrators with the skills needed to create harmony and excitement within the school atmosphere, elements that are basic for inspiring students to pursue academic excellence. With a focus on the human quality of teaching and learning, GE provides renewal and inspiration for teachers who may have lost their way and forgotten why they became teachers in the beginning.

Great Expectations is an Oklahoma-based program, founded in 1991 by retired financial planner Charlier Hollar, that was envisioned as a foundational program dedicated to developing a teacher training model. 


Tomball ISD educates students to become responsible, productive citizens by providing innovative, individually rigorous, and personally valuable educational experiences. Founded in 1908, Tomball ISD now encompasses 83 square miles in northwest Harris County and southwest Montgomery County, and is located approximately 30 miles from downtown Houston. The district currently educates over 19,000 students at 21 campuses with its 22nd campus scheduled to open in August 2021.

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