CES' Amy Rauscher Named Elementary Teacher of the Year

Elementary Teacher of the Year: Amy Rauscher
Creekview Elementary | 4th Grade, ELA 

Amy Rauscher has been in Tomball ISD and at CES since 2015. She’s been teaching for 13 years, spending the first seven years in a neighboring district. 

Why education? What makes your job so special?
“I chose to be a teacher because I feel that it was what I was made to do! I have always loved working with children, and I feel that it is my calling in life. My job is special because I get to work with children every day. I have the great honor of getting to know my fourth graders and getting to help shape who they will become!”

Why Tomball ISD?
“Tomball ISD is a wonderful place to work! I am continually impressed with the people that I work with in Tomball. They are the most professional I have encountered in this job. In Tomball, teachers and staff are committed to an incredibly high level of excellence. I expect a lot from myself, and it’s so wonderful to get to work with people in Tomball who also hold themselves to such a high standard.”

What does it mean to be named Elementary Teacher of the Year? 
“This is an incredible honor! Given that Tomball ISD is full of high-performing educators, I am blown away to be recognized as the Elementary Teacher of the Year. During such a challenging time in our profession, I am grateful to have been given this recognition!”

CES Principal, Dr. Bianca Shaugnessy, on Amy Rauscher...
"Mrs. Rauscher’s authentic and caring personality can be felt the minute you meet her.  She has a vast amount of knowledge on how to best meet the needs of all students socially, emotionally, and academically.  Anytime we ask her to share her expertise with the campus, she willingly does and it exceeds our expectations.  She is remarkable and we are blessed to have her at Creekview!"

Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools, Dr. Valerie Petrzelka, on Amy Rauscher...
“Amy Rauscher encourages student engagement, collaboration and excitement in her classroom.  It is evident that her students enjoy learning!”

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