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Podcast Sponsorship

Goal of ConnectED

The goal of ConnectED is to inform, engage and inspire both the community of Tomball and public education supporters on how Tomball ISD has defined excellence and built connections along the way.

Target Audience

ConnectED will aim to reach Tomball ISD stakeholders, including teachers, staff, parents, community members, business leaders, and students as well as neighboring community residents.

How to Listen?

ConnectED will be broadcasted via iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Tomball ISD social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) and shared through the district’s eNewsletter (parents, staff, community).

Sponsorship Opportunity

Tomball ISD is offering business partners an opportunity to sponsor a monthly episode.

What Tomball ISD can offer in an individual-episode package:

  • Three business name mentions throughout an episode.
  • Pre-recorded intro bumper … “You’re listening to ConnectED with Dr. Z. This monthly episode is brought to you by YOUR BUSINESS NAME. BUSINESS TAGLINE.”
  • Pre-recorded outro bumper … “Thank you for listening to ConnectED with Dr. Z and thank you to this episode’s sponsor, YOUR BUSINESS NAME. BUSINESS TAGLINE.”
  • Personal thank you message from host, Dr. Z, sometime throughout the episode.
  • Your business logo embedded next to each podcast link on TomballISD.net.

How much is an episode sponsorship?

We are offering this opportunity for just $250 per episode.

Can you sponsor more than one episode?

Absolutely. We will make this first-come, first-serve. 

** Tomball ISD will dictate which episode is sponsored by the business partner due to the nature of topics.

The Impact of Sponsoring

Tomball ISD is deeply rooted in the community and wants to continue building a connecting partnership with local businesses. This opportunity provides a benefit to both Tomball ISD to off-set production costs and promote a partnership as well as for the business, as an inexpensive way to publicly promote your brand while showcasing a connection to education in our community.

How to support ConnectED?

If you’d like to sponsor an episode of ConnectED, please fill out the Sponsorship Form below.

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